Which company offers the best full-stack development services?

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In software development companies, management hires experts in only one niche to get benefits in development for only that particular niche. So, when once front-end developers finish the tasks, back-end developers take charge of the software development process and finally, DevOps publish the software or upload the website on hosting server to make it live.
Now, software companies looking for developers with working expertise in almost all stacks described here. Thus, time-saving and expenditures on a team of developers cut drastically. To reap these benefits, businesses also looking for Full Stack Software Development Company for their needs.
Well, you are on the way to select a company providing full-stack software development services. There are many in the global market, but the question is how you will gauge the capacities of the selected company in terms of full stack development.
If you are enough tech-savvy or a developer, you may have a concept of full stack and technologies involved in the software development. If you are a business with not many ideas of software stacks and technologies or programs associated with it, let me introduce the same here.
Essential software stacks consist of some critical layers in programs, and main layers found in most software development are:
  • Front-end (Presentation Layer)
  • Backend (Business Logic Layer)
  • Database (Data Layer)
  • Operating System (OS Layer)
Now, each layer has a set of programs, tools, and sub-sets exist. To be a full stack developer, you must have expertise in more than one layer like front-end as well as a back-end to create a functional application.
Now, you need to know the technologies involved in each stack/layer so you can ask or check the profile of the company and its developers according to your software stack needs.
Front-end Development Technologies
  • User Interface Development Technologies
  • Front-end Libraries/Frameworks
Back-end Development Technologies
  • Web Server Technologies
  • API Development Technologies
  • Cloud Technologies
Database Development Technologies in Demand
SQL and NoSQL Database Management Technologies.
Apart from web development technologies, modern developers should accustom to mobile application and other emerging technologies. AI, IoT, LBS, and Wearable technologies are highly demanding.
You should know some basics of it and ask your selected company or team of developers to show their full stack development portfolio in which they have used those technologies with the same team of full stack developers. You can check the quality of their full stack software projects in their case study section.
At present, I know a USA-based full stack development team working under a title, Perception System at San Jose, which has a vast pool of senior developers. Most of them are working for 17+ years and have gained enough commands over trendy as well as emerging technologies and tools.
Moreover, they have a lab in India to offer development experiences both of the worlds, onshore full stack development, and offshore full stack development.

When Symfony Meets Drupal 8

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Drupal & Symfony
Drupal developers have an idea about Drupal 8. The thing you may not know about it is some Symfony components. If you are working with Drupal 8.x, you will get a chance to become a part of a massive learning curve and to know about Symfony. In this post, we are going to discuss about Symfony components that added to Drupal 8 and has some of the remarkable third party libraries. Before moving ahead, let’s discuss what actually Symfony is.

Symfony is one of the best PHP based web application framework, following MVC architecture and released under the MIT license. Below are some of the Symfony components, powering the Drupal 8 core to the great extent.

HttpKernel and HttpFoundation are best for streamlining the process of converting a Request into a Response through EventDispatcher. Web Services and Content Core Initiative (WSCCI) drives Drupal 8 with an aim to transfer Drupal from a first-class CMS into first class REST server. This allows Drupal to use web serves by offering its content with minimum complexity.

ClassLoader offers tools that autoload caches and classes their locations. The autoloading mechanism is used by PHP for delegating the loading of the file, which defines the class in situations. Autoloaders like PSR-0 Class Loader and MapClassLoader are added in Symfony. If we are adding the ClassLoader component with Drupal, it allows creating Drupal module developers carefree particularly when it comes to execute module_load_include and other dependencies.

With Routing, one can simply load all the routes, and dumps a URL matcher or can able to generator particular to these routes. It simply means it designs an HTTP request for setting configuration variables.

Serializer is used for transforming objects into a specific format like XML, YAML, JSON, etc. or vice versa. For more understanding, you can look at below given image.

One can also utilize it for completing many jobs, including configuration to node and entity creation that should be delivered by a REST endpoint.

The Twig template engine has been adopted by Drupal 8. It is best for those people, who are interested in working with Drupal themes.

YAML helps to parses YAML strings and convert them in PHP arrays. With this format, one can designed to hold configuration related information that being as expressive as XML files and readable as INI files. Furthermore, it also serves as an essential component of Drupal’s Configuration Management Initiative, allowing modules to define their default configuration settings and after that allows the site builder to override the same as-and-when instructed to. YAML powers this concept of Drupal 8’s CMI, which is replacement for Features that contributed Drupal modules and proves as the robust concept.

Other than this, there are some out-of-the-box third party components like PHPUnit, Doctrine, Assetic, Composer, SR-3 Logging, EasyRDF and Guzzle. Some components of Symfony have been simplified with Drupal 8. Apart from, some non-Symfony components have added value to Drupal 8 with its performance, quality and scalability to make it more robust and maintainable. 

If you want to enjoy all such components in your site then hire Symfony developer for development task. For more information about Symfony Development, click here.

Important News Items About PHP That You Should Know

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PHP Development India
All the PHP professionals and experts get ready for 2014 edition of PHP Conference Argentina that is going to be held on November 7, 8 and 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As we all know that PHP Conference Argentina is one of the biggest developer conferences in Argentina.

Moreover, it is the most important event in the region, where all the programmers and decision makers from across Latin America get together for approximately 3-days event that filled with important talks given by most popular speakers and networking opportunities.

Conference Numbers –

  • It is expected that more than 700 attendees will attend the conference.

  • A three day even distanced across two days of conference talks and a full day at a farm in order to enhance networking opportunities.

  • Organized social activities for both conference days.

  • Complete individuality of a highly documented place in Buenos Aires, giving all the professionals amazing opportunities for plenty of activities.

However, there are lots of speakers, who are going to participate in these events. Some popular speakers of the event are Michael "Monty" Widenius, Brad Fitzpatrick, Fabien Potencier, Mitchell Hashimoto, Rob Allen and many more. After the conference on November 9, all the speakers are going to enjoy a full day in a room with excellent food, drinks, wonderful talks and sports. We can say that this event will surely become a biggest event as such experienced

About PHP –

Generally, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor as it is one of the best server side scripting languages, which allows the web developers to generate wonderful content to interconnect with the database. Being a widely used scripting language, it is just like the Active Server Pages, and it is mainly use for developing web based software application.

The best thing about PHP is that it is a free of cost to download as well as use, so developers can easily make use of this scripting language to acquire maximum benefit. Possibly, PHP can be written as scripts, which exist on the server, and it can also develop HTML output to download the web browser.

Keep visiting our blog for latest PHP development news and updates and make yourself updated with daily news on PHP. However, if you are looking to hire PHP Mysql programmer for your project, you can visit here.

GoogleAppEngine 1.9.0 Is Now Available

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GoogleApp Engine 1.9.0 with php
The latest release of App Engine 1.9.0 is blessed with a new MapReduce library for Java developers, the General Availability (GA) of the Modules API, and of course, improvements to the PHP runtime. If we are talking about the latest Interpreter Minor Version, we have found that PHP interpreter has been upgraded from PHP 5.4.19 to PHP 5.4.22.

Many bugs of 5.4.19 had been fixed in 5.4.20 such as segfaults, incorrect space character encoding when using quoted-printable mode, memory leaks (particularly in cURL), some extension related fixes, and so on. The triggering of auto loading on compile time errors is prevented by 5.4.21. that ensured the built-in server treated all http headers as improved error messages in the DateTime class,

5.4.21. is prevented the triggering of auto loading on compile time errors, made sure the built in server treated all http headers as case-insensitive, fixed IMAP’s configure script and more. Some more bugs are also seen in 5.4.22 update that are related to the built-in server, FTP, Exif, XMLReader, ODBC, Sockets, and other components. 5.4.26. is the latest version of 5.4. and it is hoped that GAE adopts it soon.

Autoloading SDK files

Now, developers will no longer have to explicitly to get SDK files as Autoloading is now available in the SDK. Previously, one can have to manually include SDK files or write an autoloader to use SDK classes for Google specific services on GAE. Now, these classes are autoloaded by default, so it is referenced to use this class like google\appengine\api\mail\Message.
Instead of,
require_once 'google/appengine/api/mail/Message.php';
use google\appengine\api\mail\Message;
You can use,
use google\appengine\api\mail\Message;
Includes from buckets

  • Expanded php.ini setting google_appengine.allow_include_gs_buckets to allow a path filter to be included for improved security.

  • An E_USER_WARNING warning message is now triggered if an application moves a user uploaded file to a Google Cloud Storage bucket/path. This is thus, the may be included and lead to a local file inclusion vulnerability.

Java’s MapReduce library

In order to perform data processing tasks like report generation and data analysis, migration, many customers are using App Engine’s MapReduce libraries and underlying autoscaling service. Now, this functionality is pushed with a Preview release of the MapReduce library for Java that consists of improved support for large datasets and built-in integration with Google Cloud Storage. Along with a bunch of bug fixes are also added.

One shouldn’t have to set up and maintain dedicated data processing infrastructure with many other App Engine services. Users just have to import the library into your existing app, implement your map() and reduce() functions, deploy a new Module, and that’s it.


It is also researched that many improvements are made to App Engine for PHP developers. Autoloading is now supported by PHP SDK so the fewer libraries to include and faster startup times for your application. Now, you have an improved security of your application by restricting file inclusions to a specific directory of a cloud storage bucket to add code fragments from Google Cloud 

The support for working with Google Cloud Storage objects with the new CloudStorageTools::getContentType() and CoudStorageTools::getMetaData() methods is also expanded. An important bug like the SCRIPT_NAME and PHP_SELF environment variables is also added to reflect the typical implementation provided by popular web servers.

If you want to step together with this update then hire our developer according to your requirements. We are also providing PHP Application Development service with flexible pricing. For more information about PHP Web Development, contact us with your requirements Click here.

4 Things To Consider for Successful PHP Web Development

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PHP Web Development
One of the most preferred scripting languages, PHP is mostly adopted by developers due to its flexibility and ease that it provided by developers while development task. Generally, developers are using this language for developing sites. Many reputed sites are developed by using this scripting language by PHP web development techniques. Those people, who are thinking to use PHP for creating websites, here are some effective guidelines for same:

Make use of its Core function:

It is advisable to go through PHP manual before starting a new project and check the function or web app that you are planning to develop already exists. As we all know that PHP is widely used for developing application that enhances the chances of particular function or app exists. Ensure to check before starting PHP development project.

Filter the data before adding into the database

If you want to avoid error at the time of PHP programming, it is must to filter the data before feeding into the database. One should have to focus on how to make proper use of this platform for developing an error-free product. Have you ever thought why PHP language is so popular among developers? Let me tell you, it delivers a great platform and solutions for PHP professionals to develop robust apps without a committing any error.

Avoid over remarks on the code

It is excellent to maintain a proper documentation for your codes. Furthermore, with PHP, it is best to comment on each of these codes. But, do not over-comment. It is advisable to make remark on complex codes for future reference. Moreover, if you don’t find confusing or complex code then avoid over-commenting

Take Note of Error Reporting

At the time of using PHP for building web applications, it is must for you to keep your reporting and displaying error features in it. It is helpful while you are rectifying or fix errors as and when happened. This will recognize the error source rather than checking everything manually after project completion. As project quality is must for maintaining project successful, it is advisable to maintain 100% quality.

Hire PHP Developer from professional web Development Company to develop successful project. Moreover, hiring experts help you to understand your requirements and can build unique and feature-rich project according to your business requirements.

Yii 2.0 Release Candidate Is Released

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Yii Framework Development
Good news for Yii users as the Yii 2.0 RC (Release Candidate) is released and one can follow the instruction on yiiframework.com for installing and upgrading to the latest version. About 100 bug fixes and 200 new features and enhancements are included in this RC release, which is considered as one of the biggest releases.

Let’s check out some important features that come with this latest release. Before that, you must read the Definitive Guide to know what exactly Yii 2.0 is. In this release, a complete list of changes can be available in CHANGELOG.


Here, we have added the previous Security helper class into the security application component in order to support customization of some security features. Now, users can easily access security-related features via expressions like Yii::$app->security->encrypt(). Apart from, many minor changes are also done that enhance the security issues.

Like: CSRF tokens can be stored in sessions instead of cookies if you set yii\web\Request::enableCsrfCookie to be false; httpOnly is now turned on for all cookies by default and so on.


Database Replication and Read-Write Splitting

Now, one can find built-in support for read-write splitting and database replication. Database replication allows replicating from the master servers to slave servers. All the updates and writes must take place on the master servers and reads may take place on the slave servers. If you want to configure your DB connection to use this feature then follow below given coding:

'class' => 'yii\db\Connection',
// configuration for the master
'dsn' => 'dsn for master server',
'username' => 'master',
'password' => '',
// common configuration for slaves
'slaveConfig' => [
'username' => 'slave',
'password' => '',
// list of slave configurations
'slaves' => [
['dsn' => 'dsn for slave server 1'],
['dsn' => 'dsn for slave server 2'],
['dsn' => 'dsn for slave server 3'],

One can simply continue writing DB query code with this configuration. Moreover, the slaves will be used automatically to conduct the query if it is fetching data from database. The master will be used if the query is updating or inserting data into database.


Using DB transactions come with many enhancements. First of all, you have to work with transactions in a callback style like:

$connection->transaction(function() {
$order = new Order($customer);
This is equivalent to the following lengthy code:

$transaction = $connection->beginTransaction();
try {
$order = new Order($customer);
} catch (\Exception $e) {
throw $e;

Secondly, a few events are activated for transactions. Lastly, you have to set transaction isolation levels (e.g. READ COMMITTED) at the time of beginning with new transaction.
$transaction = $connection->beginTransaction(Transaction::READ_COMMITTED);

Building Query Conditions

Use arbitrary operators for developing a query condition. The operator >= is used in the given example for building a query condition age >= 30. Moreover, Yii will be quote the column name and use parameter binding for handling the value.

$query = new \yii\db\Query;
$query->where(['>=', 'age', 30]);
You can use sub-queries when creating an in or not condition.
$subquery = (new \yii\db\Query)
->where(['>=', 'age', 30]);
// fetch orders that are placed by customers who are older than 30
$orders = (new \yii\db\Query)
->where(['in', 'customer_id', $subquery])

Want to know more about this latest release, please visit check this link. If you want to learn more about new syntaxes, go through the Definitive Guide.

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4 Simple Tips to Follow To Hire a Professional Offshore PHP Development Company

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Offshore PHP Developer For Hire
As we all know that PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development task. The best thing about this language is that it is the most widely used languages in the world that is active on more than 250 million websites.

People, who are looking to build high-end websites for their business, can opt for PHP as it is a great programming language that makes the task of developing websites a lot easier. However, it is essential to hire a professional offshore PHP development company that is quite difficult task.

To make your task of selecting a good company for your project, we have mentioned 4 simple tips that you can follow and end-up hiring a right company for you:

Authorized Certification –

While hiring a PHP development company for your project, you should look for its certifications and awards that whether this company has authorized certifications or not. Giving look on the certifications as well as on its awards can help you to make decision about the company. Now, all the well and professional offshore development companies have certifications, but you should check it out and make decision.

Proficiency & Past Work –

Another most important tip that you should consider is check their proficiency and past work as these two things also play an essential role. You can ask them to show you their past completed projects as they may be quite similar to what you are looking for. It is not a big deal to check they case studies, past customers and projects as you can easily evaluate how good the company is.

Knowledge Base

It is also crucial tip that you should follow while hiring a company for your project. You should check company’s knowledge about PHP and web development. By checking their knowledge, you can know about their skills that are required to deliver a successful project. While hiring any company it is important that you make sure that they are up to date with all the latest technologies of the current marketplace.

Experience Matters

When you look for an offshore PHP development company, you can consider the years of experience that the company has. While hiring any company for your project, it is must that the company has sufficient experience in the market and handled lots of projects. If it is not an experienced company, you may end-up hiring a wrong company and will regret for it in near future.

So, these were the four tips that every businessman should consider while hiring professional PHP Development Company for his project. Keep visiting our blog for more information on PHP and its solutions or you can follow us on Twitter and G+.

More Information Regarding Offshore PHP Development Company Portfolio Click here.

Zend Framework – 5 Significant Reasons to Use it For Your Project

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Zend Framework Development
Are you going to start your next PHP project? Are you confused about selecting the best framework for it? To make your work of choosing best PHP framework easy, I have given huge information about Zend framework and why you should choose this framework for your next project. You can go through this blog and find some compelling reasons to use Zend framework:

Object-oriented Framework

Selecting Zend framework over other PHP frameworks is one of the best decisions for you as it is an object-oriented framework that means everything is an object. One of the main benefits of this framework as object-oriented is the ability to make code reusable, so developers do not have to write code again and again as they make use of code again. In short, it is the best thing about this framework.

MVC Components

Users of Zend framework can get the benefit of MVC components as this framework offers MVC components for its users. As we all know that MVC stands for Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.

With the help of using MVC, users can get help in isolating business logic from user-interface. In the user land controller class, HTTP requests are mapped to a particular function. It is also known for implementing the front controller pattern.

Allow You to do Lots of Things

The best thing about Zend framework is that it provides a comprehensive range of components. For an example, if you are looking for a way to authenticate a user, you should use Zend_Auth. And if you are looking to control access to your resources, you can opt for a Zend_Acl.

When you decide to create some forms, you can make use of Zend_Form. So, there are lots of components that you can use to perform different things.

Web & CLI Programming

In order to write CLI scripts, you can make use of Zend framework as it is best option for you. As its Zend_Console_GetOpt component is known for providing argument parsing functionality.

Integrate With Whatever You Want

This is the best PHP framework because of its decoupled nature that makes this framework easy to integrate with other libraries which you wanted to use. If you are looking to use Smarty as your templating system, it is possible by simply developing a wrapping class for Zend_View_Abstract that make use of Smarty instance to render the view.

It works excellently in both different ways as you can easily integrate this framework into other libraries. For instance, you can integrate ZF into Symfony, and they are looking to do Symfony 2, you can make use the Zend_Cache and Zend_Log components from ZF.

So, these are some of the major reasons of using Zend framework, so make choose this PHP framework for your next project and make it successful. If you want to get best quality Zend framework development service, you should hire Zend developer from any trusted Zend development company.

PHP with Zend Studio in Beta For Mobile Application Development

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Hire PHP Zend Developer
Good news for Zend Studio lovers as the latest version of Zend has been launched in beta. This version extends the ability of platform that mobile application development for PHP developers by integrating support for AngularJS, Cordova, and Ionic. Additionally, it also offers a fully customizable mobile application with source code.

A new debugging capabilities of its IDE is provided by Zend Studio 12 by leveraging the new Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live!, and in-context visibility inside the applications’ code and performance. Moreover, support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), PHP 5.6, and the leading Eclipse 4 Luna development platform are included in this latest version.

Mobile application development is abridged Zend Studio on the most of the already developed PHP applications and server back-ends by operating the “secret” development communication process. All the layers of the stack are communicated by the IDE while a server platform allows collaboration, debugging and reporting. A RESTful server-based API is facilitated by a framework. The best thing is now PHP developers get Zend Studio 12 with a fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code to expand to mobile.

An open-source API builder, Apigility and Zend framework is used by this application as a foundation while Zend Server WebAPI is used by mobile app for performance, reportability and stability. Moreover, developers can able to create the sample mobile application as the start for their own application development projects. Zend Studio 12 has blessed with some of the awesome features like
  • Support for PHP 5.6

  • Offering high productivity tools like Bower integration for managing packages effectively. Additionally it increases UI experience with multi-cursor, dark theme, and split editor capabilities

  • Integration with Cordova and Ionic for developing and emulating mobile apps directly from within the IDE

  • While application development process, it increases Z-Ray support plus Z-Ray Live! integration for real-time visibility inside the app performance

  • Improved AWS support for easy deployment of applications on Zend Server and the Zend product stack

  • Fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code

  • Access to Eclipse 4 Luna development platform functionalities (TCF Terminal for command line, many EGit enhancements, improved HTML5 support)

  • XMLService Toolkit built-in library for IBM i developers that extend PHP code for accessing IBM i resources

Get Zend Studio 12 Beta for free download via the Early Access Program.

Zend Server 8 Application platform for Mobile/Web Apps

The developer-centric Zend Server 8, which is the latest company’s integrated application platform for mobile and web applications, has been released by Zend. The new Z-Ray insight into several popular applications and introducing Z-Ray Live! are included in the latest version that helps to broaden the scope and reach of Z-Ray to add web and mobile service API debugging.

With Z-Ray, you will get real-time, in-context visibility inside apps that displays exactly what occurs to build each page. The outcome is the capability of the developers to catch PHP mistakes that enable to inspect, optimize and debug their page in the development task.

Key Features and Benefits of Zend Server 8:
  • With Z-Ray’s extensibility API, developers can add new functionality to Z-Ray that shows the data they care about.

  • The visibility of Z-Ray is provided by Z-Ray Live! for requests coming from mobile and web services API calls, letting developers see into the server-side execution of mobile app requests.

  • The worst-performing pages in an application recognized URL Insight and delivers Z-Ray insight into the causes.

  • Z-Ray’s real-time vision inside PHP requests has been extended to add specific detailed data for several common applications and frameworks like Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Magento, Symfony, and IBM i.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, PHP 5.6, and Linux running on IBM Power8 is included in new platform

Generally, Zend Server 8 will be in December 2014. Moreover, if you are looking ‘Zend Developer for hire’ service to develop mobile application then contact Perception System. For more information about Zend development, visit here.

14 All-Time Favorite PHP Frameworks That Are Best For 2015

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PHP Framework 2015
From years, PHP is an extremely popular website development technology that is highly well-known among its web programmers. Today, you can find more than 50% of websites and web applications developed in PHP.

When it comes to talking about PHP framework, it is extremely helpful in development as compare to other core developments. Using framework, developers can get base skeleton or foundation for development strong web application. Every single obtainable framework has its own features, advantages and disadvantages.

If you have decided to use PHP framework, you can go through this post and find briefly most popular PHP frameworks that are based on easy for installation and coding. This post contains 2015's most influential PHP frameworks that you should check-out and use for your next project:

  1. CakePHP

    Today, CakePHP has caught the attention of lots of web developers worldwide as it is one of the most oldest PHP frameworks that build by Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz inspiring by Ruby on Rails in April 2005. Croogo, Scratch and Hot Scripts are made in CakePHP.

    Cakephp Development

  1. Laravel

    Laravel is also the best PHP framework for Web Artisans, and it has gained the name of the best framework in the year 2014. Being an extremely powerful platform, Laravel comes with restful routing, beautiful inbuilt templating, composer powered and expressive syntax.


  1. Zend Framework

    Undeniably, Zend framework is an open source, the object-oriented web application framework that implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License. As compare to other PHP frameworks, it is a fully flexible architecture and widely acceptable for enterprise's web application development.

    PHP Zend Framework Development

  1. Kohana

    An PHP5 HMVC framework, Kohana is a licensed under the BSD license, and it is hosted on GitHub. The best thing about this framework is that it is easy, light weight and simple to use HMVC PHP Framework. So, web developers can use this framework and acquire a lot of benefits.

    Kohana Framework

  1. Yii Framework

    A fastest and highly secure Yii PHP framework for developing Web 2.0 applications, Yii offers basis and advanced application installation based on requirement. Moreover, this framework comes with an advanced feature layered caching scheme, role based access, Model-View-Controller, Database Access objects (DAO)/ Active record. It is an ideal framework for developing social media, enterprise web application, SAAS and more.

    Yii Framework Development

  1. Medoo

    Medoo is the lightest PHP database framework that accelerates the development process. The framework supports with different SQL database like MSSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and more.

    Medoo Framework
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  1. Flight

    Flight is an quick, extensive micro PHP framework that is known for its simple and easy to use nature. The framework can be used for building restful PHP web applications.

    Flight Framework

  1. Phalcon

    As compare to other PHP frameworks, Phalcon is an open-source web application framework for PHP. The framework is implemented mainly in C extension for optimizing performance to a goal of handling more requests per second than other frameworks. The framework has all other features that make it no one choice of web developers.

    Phalcon Framework

  1. PHPPixie

    PHPixie is an MVC based lightweight PHP framework that specially designed to be quick, easy to learn and offer a solid foundation for development. This framework is considered as a fork of Kohana framework.

    PHPPixie Framework

  1. Yaf

    Yaf stands for Yet Another Framework that is the first MVC framework written in C and develop as PHP extension. The framework is developed by Laruence, a leading PHP core contributor, who has also developed Yar, Yac and more.

    Yaf Framework

  1. Prado

    The full-form of Prado is PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented that is mainly started by Qiang Xue inspired by Apache Tapestry. Initially, Prado was first released in June 2004 and based on Prado experience Qiang Xue.

    Prado Framework

  1. Nette

    Netter framework is one such framework that developed by David Grudi, an open-source PHP framework. Using this framework, you can make your work a lot easier as you have to write less code that is readable, and you will enjoy it.

  1. Slim

    A light-weight micro PHP framework, Slim is extremely helpful for instant writing simple application and APIs. The framework also delivered an outstanding router that maps route callbacks to particular HTTP request methods and URLs.

    Slim Framework

  1. Silex

    Silex is an extensible and testable micro PHP framework that mainly based on the Symfony2 components. The framework is known for its rich performance and advanced features.

    Silex Framework

    Thus, these are 2015's top PHP frameworks that are best in all terms like features, performance and a range of functionality. However, if you are facing any problem while using PHP framework for your project, you can hire a professional PHP developer.
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