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Qualities of a Professional PHP Programmer

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PHP - hypertext preprocessor is a server side scripting language that used in most websites today. With the increasing popularity of PHP scripting language, most people prefer developers who can work in PHP.
Obviously a good PHP programmer should have experience in working with PHP and must have sound theoretical knowledge in the PHP language.
PHP is a powerful language but it cannot be used to build the entire website. The presentation of the interfaces in the website will be designed using html and css. The client side scripting languages like the JavaScript or web2.0 technologies like DOM programming, AJAX are necessary to interact with the browser. For building a complete website a good PHP programmer should be experienced in all the languages or technologies mentioned above.
Most of the web products or websites today use applications and scripts that are open source. These open source codes could be used with the PHP script to develop custom websites. A good PHP programmer should also be aware of these open source products and their usage.
Search Engine Optimization is a technique where your web site or web page is made to appear at the top in the search engine results. A good PHP programmer must know about these Search Engine Optimization techniques to develop and design web pages.
In most cases, there is a need for further development or maintenance of the websites. If the 'maintenance team' employed is different from the development team, the new team could have trouble understanding the code and the logic implemented in the code by the developers. To alleviate this problem, PHP developers must provide their code with comments which serves as documentation for future use. A good hire PHP programmer is expected to comment out the logic he or she uses in the code.
The programmer should communicate with the customer frequently to keep track of their changing requirements and to get their feedback.
Further the programmer must be friendly and easily accessible to the customer at all times during the entire course of the project.
A good team of web developers are formed out of good programmers. A good programmer should be reliable. The programmer should be known for providing quality services and on time delivery.
The professionalism of the individual is important as the programmer is expected to take an objective approach to all problems.
The above said points are a few of the Perception System from a good PHP programmer.

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