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The Secrets behind PHP Application Development

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PHP coding is not understood at the same level by all. Different developers have different level of understanding about this process. Getting accurate and neat results is not a simple task. Only a few coders can get you the desired result in one go. A good PHP application development would have has minimal coding, i.e. the number of codes written for the application is the least. The lesser the number of codes, the better the application would be.

Though it may sound challenging, it is not impossible for all the developers. They really work hard to give in the perfect coding. To give the desired results, they need to maintain the quality of their code. The secret is they need a good few-pointer that will help them to make their coding perfect. A few tips to ensure a good PHP application development would give the desired results. Here are the top 10:

  1. Extensive Use of framework
    The use of framework is a very significant issue. The process of coding gains speed with the use of framework. It has some pre-set codes that make it simple to find a lot of things without any struggle. It highly affects the value of the code used in PHP application development.
  1. Ternary Operators
    When the code is small and prototyped, ternary operators turn out to be very useful (as against the common notion that it is not). Ternary operators play a vital role, especially while designing a template.
  1. Take help of Memcached
    When used in PHP application development, memcached helps to speed up the access to the disc and the network. This is an important aspect for a developer because the fruitful running of the application requires the same.
  1. Comparison Operators
    Using comparison operators to upgrade your application is a very wise step, but you need to have correct knowledge of the same. If confused, the entire purpose of the application would change.
  1. Use Suppression Operators
    Suppression operators when used correctly would enhance the PHP application development. If used excessively, it will make the code heavy and slow and if used less, it may not serve the purpose.
  1. Brackets are a No-No
    To reduce the number of characters, you should look at reducing the number of brackets in the code. However this depends entirely on the application; some may need it and some may not. So use wisely.
  1. SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
    Securing your application is very important and this can be achieved with the SQL Injection Cheat Sheet. This is the best among all alternatives.
  1. Use strlen() Instead Of isset()
    A developer can simply treat the strings as arrays by replacing the strlen() with isset(). This will ensure that the developed string and required string are of the same length and that it contains the prerequisite number of characters.
  1. Use str_replace()
    To improve the speed of the developed application, the developer should use str_replace() instead of ereg_replace() or preg_replace(). This will really help. 
  1. Other Code
    The other code should be removed for better coding. However, this will make the coding difficult to read and thus, should only be applied in case the code is too long.

Following the above tips will help you improve tremendously in your PHP application development. All the best!

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