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Use Php Programming To Activate Your Website

Maria Brean | 23:11 | 8comments

You may not be a technical wizard or a website whiz but knowing a little bit about how programming is used can help you make better decisions for a more active site. Website programming is a complicated subject that takes a great deal of expertise. However, you don’t need to be that expert. A basic understanding of how PHP programming works for your site will give you the power to build a better site.

There is a difference between a web designer and a web developer. Both are necessary participants in the site building process. A designer makes the page look good. He will create graphics, layouts, and other visuals elements that create the look and feel of the site. Many businesses focus largely on design when they first begin to build a site. Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. It’s important to have a great design but it does not give you the functionality your site needs. Without a web developer, your site won’t do much.

Websites today are much more active and engaging than just a good design can create. Web developers use languages like PHP programming to make your website dynamic. This type of programming gives your site an entire garage of tools for data management.

Here’s an example of what PHP programming from Real Estate Marketing Support can do for a site. Let’s say you are a realtor with many homes listed for sale. You want to show pictures and descriptions of the homes but you don’t want to do a site rebuild every time one goes off the market. A web developer can build an easy-to-use database where you can input your details about each home even if you know nothing about website design. PHP programming will then pull the details from that database and display them on your site. This way you can manage the content on your site without learning a new profession.

On this same fictitious site, your users could input their personal information for use in e-mail blasts and newsletters. They could make lists of favorite homes or desired features and search for homes that match. These are only a few basic ideas out of many more that a good programmer can implement.

Sites without this type of information management are static. They don’t change and they bore users even if they have the best graphics and design elements. A dynamic site can be updated regularly, which makes it more interesting and fun to use. It will also give you the ability to gather and use data from your site’s visitors. Perception System A complete Web Solution Provider can create a site that both looks good and works well for your business.
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Great topic for a blog series Anthony! Very much looking forward to part 2 :)


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