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The Open Source PHP Application Development Helps in Reducing the Cost Up to 50% to 60%

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PHP is widely used open source language used for numerous developments. It is a scripting language which was intently designed for web development to build dynamic web pages. However, later as they expended PHP web application development came into the view and started fulfilling the need of customers based on their requirements. From organizing the immense databases to shopping, writing blogs to sending emails are few of the aspects that a PHP language can aid with, along a side it can also be bespoke based on requirements. PHP is a free and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP.Net.
PHP Application Development

PHP web applications and web sites have a very simple architecture yet a PHP Web Development Company needs to be well versed with new technology/versions in order to work on customize applications or sites. It is very flexible compared to other web technologies since it can be deployed on most web servers, many operating systems and platforms, and can be used with many relational database management systems. Many web development companies even allow their clients to hire PHP developer from their company; wherein a developer(s) dedicatedly works only on their project.

Benefits of PHP

  • It's a free and open source technology that allows a user to take an advantage of his/her investments by utilizing on all platforms; for e.g. Apache, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms.
  • Availability of a vast community that helps for any problem.
  • The supportive OOP concepts enable to define scalable & robust architecture for your application.
  • Well proven & tested application frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework and Symphony etc. are available for rapid application development.
  • Huge development resources are available like blogs, forums and freeware scripts.
  • PHP also incorporates with a lot of open source free applications that are easily available like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento and many more which reduces your development cost up to 50% to 60%.
Perception System is a Web Development Company that builds PHP website based on customers' requirement. And apart from that e-commerce solutions is the major aspect of the company's business.

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