Importance Features of Yii Development Services

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YII PHP Framework Development Services
Yii stands for Yes, and it is read as a wee. For creating web 2.0 applications, Yii is a most powerful open source web development framework, which uses PHP language. In the market, Yii framework is a most popular and highly recommended PHP framework that can be used for any web development project. No matter, whether you are looking for a small as well as for a simple website, this popular framework is perfect choice for you. One can easily download this framework free of cost from its official website. There are lots of companies in the market, which provide web development solutions that based on Yii framework.

We can say that it is an exclusive framework and convenient to use PHP 5 we applications. As compare to other frameworks, Yii is a fast as this framework uses lazy loading method. When it comes to talk about lazy loading, it means any class or object will not be loaded till it is needed. It also helps the application to put very less amount of weight. The updated version of PHP version comes with wonderful functionalities. You can also find some frameworks such as cake PHP or Codeigniter that are gathering the advantages. In this framework, the caching support is completely best that means application that is developed using Yii load very quickly.

There are a variety of features that included in Yii framework and one can enjoy its various features by using this framework very efficiently.

Database Access Objects (DOA): With the help of Yii, big and popular companies can shun the long as well as intricate task of writing recurring SQL queries. Yii enables skilled developers to model database data in terms of objects.

Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern: Yii enables clean separation of concerns as it is based on the MVC planning that makes web development an organized activity.

AJAX facilitated widgets: The best thing about Yii is that it comes with exclusive AJAX widgets set by which developers are allow to create effective user interfaces.

Verification and Agreement: Yii built in verification functionality as well as RBAC supported authorization that make web development process easy and convenient.

Security: There are many other frameworks obtainable in the market, but Yii is a most secure PHP framework that equipped with different security mechanisms. The different mechanisms are helpful in avoiding any attacks on the web application like tampering with cookies, SQL injection, CSRF, and XSS.

So, these are some most popular and important features of YII PHP Framework that can be enjoyed by every developer and make their task easy. Most of the companies are looking to hire Yii web developers, who can easily carry out this task and make their project successful. If you are also thinking to hire Yii developers, Perception System is a professional company that offers fervent developers and wonderful job work that meets your requirements. 

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