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Symfony Development- How to Enhance App Capability?

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Symfony Development
A great flexibility and amazing features are the two cryptograms of Symfony framework. Symfony’s framework comes with bundles that make it so productive and unique from other framework. Before, IT application development is not so easy and faster. But thanks to Symfony Framework, it gives new way to IT application development and makes it more effective than before. There are many software development companies that take help of the bundle-structure architecture for creating effective web applications. In this blog, you are reading the word “bundles”, but many of you are getting confused about what exactly bundles are? Let me tell, in Symfony’s language bundles means plug-ins, which is essential for Symfony-based applications and modular structure of the framework.

Now, you must have a question, what it is called “bundle”? Start with the meaning of bundle, it is sum up of framework and developers develop Symfony application from this constitute is better known as a bundle. In this blog, now we are discussing about the Standard Edition of Symfony that includes in different bundles. Firstly, SensioFrameworkExtraBundle that strongly supports MVC development model and improves controller experience. With this bundle, one can make their development procedure easy by dumping view classes for trouble-free tasks. Next one is SensioGeneratorBundle that creates a user-friendly environment for development that works with the command line.

Using such bundle, Symfony Developer can create the latest framework for handle classes, new bundles, doctrine entities and also able to make a CRUD controller. Apart from above two, one of the interesting bundles is JMSSecurityExtraBundle, which is better known as JMSSecurityExtraBundle that permits safety through expressions that result into security authorization and operate security matters through annotations. One of the important bundles is DoctrineMigrationsBundle that transfer data from one place to another and also enhance the storage center. Automatic migrations are performed by this bundle through processing Doctrine mapping data.

Next one is DoctrineFixturesBundle that makes sure communication with Doctrine with an aim to continue passing information through writing and running fixtures into a database. Another bundle is DoctrineMongoDBBundle that provides fetching and persisting objects from or to MongoDB, which is the most essential executing object mapping and processing raw PHP classes. Above given are some bundles that help to extend the capability of Symphony Framework and boost its productivity. So, if you want to enjoy a unique Symfony Development then simply Hire Symfony Developer and create exceptional development at most competitive rates.

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