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Features Available With Yii Framework Development Services

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Yii FrameworkYii Framework is the most demandable framework available with the most excellent features. Being an open source framework, it is written in PHP5 and well-known as a next generation PHP framework. After some gap of its inception, it gets popular as it is faster than Zend and Codeigniter framework. One of the best things about Yii Framework Development Services is it allows trouble-free development and develop easy-to-access website. No matter what size of project you have, Yii PHP Framework can be easily adjusted to every size of projects. Check out some outstanding features of Yii Framework:

Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern:
The best design pattern, i.e. model-view-controller is adopted by Web programming of Yii. It is excellent for separating the demonstration of information from interaction of user.
How MVC works:
  • Model shows the business rules and information of data.
  • View includes elements of the user interface like form inputs, text, etc.
  • Controller operates the communication between the view and model.

DB Migration:
Moving towards Yii Query Builder, it helps to create SQL queries for minimizing risk of SQL injection attacks. Being an object-oriented method, DAO accesses data to different DBMS in a single uniform interface. One of the advantageous things is you can use Applications created Yii DAO to different DBMS without change the data accessing code.

Form input and validation:
The most important task is managing the forms and gathering important user data. It is duty of developers to settle the form with default values or obtainable data, shows perfect message for invalid input, validate the user input and save the input data to storage.

Generally, Yii is extended by Yii Web Developers when they are writing codes for succeeding its Controller class. If these codes are used by third-party developers, we can call it an extension.

Authentication and authorization:
Another important feature included in Yii Framework Development Services is built-in authentication and authorization (auth) functionality that is best to use and simple to modify. Moreover, Yii authorization framework is pre-affirmed user application component, which is an object executing the IWebUser interface. Some of the excellent functionalities that can perform with this component are:
  • Login and Logout a user
  • Allows checking whether user has access to a specific operation
  • Check if a user is logged in or not and many more
Having so many features, it doesn’t be bad deal to choose Yii Framework Development. So, check out some Yii Framework Development companies and Hire Yii Web Developers for your projects.

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