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Yii 1.1.14 Enter In Development Market

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On August 11, 2013, the Yii Framwork team has announced the new version of Yii Framework 1.1.14. This marvelous version created upon 1.1.13 by fixing more than 80 bugs and including 60 minor enhancements and latest features.

In this release, I found two things important that I'd like to point out, i.e. the inclusion of a new passwords hashing API, CPasswordHelper and second thing is the inclusion of CRedisCache. Discussing in detail, we find the usage of the utility is very simple. The Blowfish library is also provided through crypt.

// generate hash that will be stored to DB, $password is from account creation form
$hash = CPasswordHelper::hashPassword($password);
// $hash is what we've saved to DB, $password is from login form
if (CPasswordHelper::verifyPassword($password, $hash)
// password is good
// password is bad

If we are looking a dedicated password hashing API built into Yii for the first time, we find it pretty cool. However, two matters with this don’t sit properly with it. The first is class does not take advantage of PHP 5.5's password hashing API. But, PHP 5.1+ is supported by this framework. I personally preferring ircmaxwell/password_compact comparability library instead of Bcrypt implementation.

Another thing that really bugs is it doesn't have a way to check if a rehash is essential or to get back basic information related to the hash itself. Some other weird quirks are seen with the class that can’t able to decide a cost under 4 or over 31.

Another thing, we are pointing out in this release is the inclusion of CRedisCache. We are very happy to see the functionality is developed directly into Yii framework Development while Redis caching supports CiiMS in the form of phpredis for a long time now. Implementing such type of class is simple. One must have to drop in it with any Yii Caching class and simply ready to go.

With these changes, I am very excited about the latest release and using the general code quality of the Yii 1.1.x series. If you want to know more about this release, please visit the https://raw.github.com/yiisoft/yii/1.1.14/CHANGELOG
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