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A Future Forecast of PHP Language

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It’s an exciting time for developers. Developers are working with bigger data sets, where scalability and connectivity are must and privacy is being rechecked. In the shadow of all these, sitting ideal perhaps is a more practical matter. Here the question rise that how will PHP change and grow to build a bright future? Here, we are showing our prediction on PHP programming language:

In future, we will see some latest version of PHP along with a double-digit minor version number. Users will also find full native support for working with Unicode-encoded strings. No doubt, developers have everything to give, but one can have to hold their breath. I personally visualize PHP programming language with 5.10, 5.11, 5.12 and so on.

We may see some small enhancements that reflect other programming languages. Recently, developers enjoy short array syntax, binary number literals, and function array that reference in PHP 5.4 and create in 5.5. It is predicted that Python-style array slicing may come while a C#-inspired get/set property syntax.

There is less frameworks, more meta-frameworks seen in the ecosystem. First of all, they have libraries after that CMS and blogging platform and at last full-featured frameworks. We will also see the monolith platform at the great height while scaling back with meta-frameworks and micro-frameworks. Diverse libraries are gathered by Light-weight platforms into an easily-installable bundle or can get package will bring us full circle.

A collection of latest extensions are available such as Zephir that helps non-C developers to write extensions, so we are expecting to see fair amount for latest extensions as these are delivering mature. There are some extensions available in Pecl may create it to old and old extensions will be expired. Now, the SQLite extension would be complimented by Embedded NoSQL service.

One can find less dependence on the Zend Engine. Many people are not aware of other PHP implementations like Quercus, HHVM, Phalanger, and even Parrot. It is predicted that such implementations will optimize for future use in PHP development.

There are many other updates that might we will see in the future. There are many web development companies, running according to updates. If you want to customize your site/apps according to latest update, adopt Custom PHP development service from the leading and most experienced Offshore PHP development companies.

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celin smith said...

Technology Always change in future, new release of PHPStrom is some advance from other, in IT industry you have to always able to adapt new technologies, PHP developers will always got a new release in future prospect.

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