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CakePHP 2.4.2 Is Ready to Go

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CakePHP is one of the excellent open source web application framework, follows MVC approach. This framework is written in PHP programming language that represented after the concepts of Ruby on Rails. Available under the MIT License, it utilizes software engineering concepts and software design patterns, ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, convention over configuration, Model-View-Controller, and Front Controller.

Recently, this web application framework comes with latest version, i.e. CakePHP 2.4.2. It is a bugfix release for the 2.4 release branch, where you will find list of changes such as:
  • Enhanced API documentation for a number of classes and methods

  • Bake now adds the numeric validator for float fields.

  • Sqlite::truncate() will verify that the sqlite_sequence table exists before modifying it.

  • Label elements now have their for attributes generated correctly for radio inputs.

  • International domains are now accepted by Validation::url()

  • Inflector now handles 'quota' and 'curves' correctly.

  • Hash::contains() can now look for needle values containing nulls.

  • DboSource::renderStatement() now trims whitespace from generated queries.

  • TreeBehavior::recover() now correctly uses the scope conditions.

  • jQueryEngineHelper now treats the 'xhr' option as a callback argument.

  • Disabled radio buttons are now generated correctly when integer and string keys are used.
Using this framework and its well-segregated building components, one can simply develop objective modules. CakePHP has built-in validation features through which you can simply comply with the major rules and conventions of PHP development with active trackback alternatives. All such advantages are available with its latest version 2.4.2. Moreover, one can also get Cake's dynamic built-in support by gaining the required momentum to big codes.

Other than this, CakePHP framework doesn’t require enough coding for creating web apps/sites. It allows easy set up of database. Moreover, CakePHP developer can get easy assembling of codes by creating different functionalities and object modules through CakePHP's well-organized library. Having all such advantages of adopting this framework, it is wise to use its latest version in CakePHP development task. If you are thinking to built an apps or site with this open source web application framework, Hire CakePHP developer from reputed web development company. For more information on the topic, visit here.

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celin smith said...

Great to hear about this update, it is now robust 2.4 version, as many CakePHP Development technocrats face many bugs, now all this is updated for CakePHP Developers.

Celin Simth

Ashish Gajjar said...

All that stuff regarding cake php is best and unique for updation.

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