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Google App Engine on PHP Available for Everyone

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Google app engine with php
Earlier this year, Google has added PHP, which is the fourth language runtime on Google App Engine in limited preview. Now finally, PHP is obtainable in preview on Google App Engine, which is completely obtainable for the general public. Now, there is no need to whitelist your application for deployment. As we all know that PHP is one of the most popular as well as widely used programming languages for web programming.

At Google I/O earlier this year, the runtime was launched and various developers across the world have started making use of this application for PHP. Developers can make use of this application and get benefit of App engine’s legendary scalability and easy-to-use nature to run well-known PHP products like Drupal, phpMyAdmin and phpBB and frameworks like Codelgniter, Laravel and Silex.

Many of you all may expect to use Google APIs like Drive and Google+ on App engine, which is also possible. Since PHP has been introduced, Google has developed lots of new features that include plug-in for WordPress on Google App Engine and the capability to read and write files from PHP.

When it comes to talk about the earlier adopter of App Engine for PHP, VICE.com is one, who runs the popular Motherboard blog. Motherboard got lots of visitors in a single month and it also runs a long serving CMS powered by the popular Yii PHP framework. It is also recommended to VICE that Google is building the next generation and advanced quality PaaS said VICE.com CTO, Jesse Knight. Google also added that it is excited to be early adopter.

Since PHP has been introduced, there are lots of new features has been included:
  • Adding support for different essential runtime extensions like mbstring and mcrypt.
  • Releasing plugin for WordPress on Google App Engine
  • Substantial Improvements to out developer SDKs
  • Adding Support for App Engine Task Queues and Modules
  • Lots of performance and constancy improvements
  • Enhancing the capability to read and write files from PHP on App Engine
Providing more information on App Engine, it is not as easy as it sounds to develop, test and deploy your App Engine PHP application. You are allowed to develop, test and deploy your project from your browser with the help of DevTable or CodeEnvy cloud IDEs if you are working in the cloud. You can also develop, run and debug and deploy Google App Engine PHP application from within JetBrain’s PHPStorm IDE. Now, developers, who are interested in the PHP runtime can develop an account and deploy PHP applications.

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