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PhpStorm 7 in PHP 5.5- Features & Web Toolkit

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PHP 5.5
A new major release, PhpStorm has been released by JetBrains. This latest release supports for all latest stuff such as Zend 2, Web Components, TypeScript, Vagrant, Drupal, and easy debugging. PhpStorm 7, the new release, supports for PHP 5.5 (latest version), new refactorings, type inference and PHPDoc improvements, quick fixes and new code inspections. It also comes with an enhanced PHP syntax coloring that can be customized to helps readability. It delivers remarkable colors for

  • Classes and interfaces, static and instance class fields
  • Function and method declarations
  • Function calls, static and instance method calls
Remarkable Features in PhpStorm 7

Frameworks and plug-ins:
3rd-party plugins for Symfony, built-in support for Drupal and some other frameworks have been updated for this release.

Built-in tools:
An excellent collection of tools are available such as local terminal, support for even more command line tools, SSH console & remote tools, Google App Engine for PHP and so on.

Debugging and testing:
Debugging and testing can be done properly. Debugging with Smart Step Into, debugger configuration validation, PHPUnit on Server improvements.

An excellent web toolkit comes along with PhpStorm 7 that is must for web development. A collection of various JavaScript templates such as Handlebars, EJS, Mustache, etc and of course, Web Components support is available. Developers will also find support for the modern stylesheets Stylus and Compass. Even, some major changes are available in the JavaScript debugging and in Live Edit feature. Developers can also find integrated node package manager npm, the istanbul code coverage engine and JavaScript and Node.js: JavaScript Karma test runner.

We have seen many improvements and features in the underlying IntelliJ Platform that developed by JetBrains such as database and SQL improvements, GitHub pull requests from the IDE, presentation and full screen view for all platforms, and so on.

One can get free update of PhpStorm 7.0, if he/she purchased his/her license after October 22, 2012! If you want to enjoy this update along with your PHP application development, you can simple adopt PHP development services from reputed web development companies or hire professional developers for your projects.
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celin smith said...

Great for all PHP Developers to adapt new php enviroment, PhpStorm 7 has support for the latest PHP 5.5, type inference and PHPDoc improvements, new refactorings (Move Static Member and Extract Interface), new code inspections and quick fixes.

Smithya said...

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iwstechsol said...

Really I am very much appreciated here to read this great info regarding PHP 5.5 . Hope in future you will keep sharing your ideas and thoughts.

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