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5 False Thoughts about PHP Programming Language Among People

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PHP is one of the best server-side scripting languages designed for web development. Till now, it is installed in about 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers. Developers are using PHP as general-purpose programming language, but PHP is actually used as software programming language for creating dynamic business websites. This open source language supports database like Oracle, MySQL and other major operating systems due to which this programming language becomes a powerful server-side scripting language. Regardless of its popularity, many people have some false thoughts about PHP programming languages. Let’s see what myths they have about PHP.

PHP is not OOPs based

According to many programmers, PHP is not based on Object Oriented Programming, but it has collections of object-oriented features such as methods, abstract objects and interfaces. It is noted that previous version of PHP doesn’t have OOPs features, but PHP 5 has many of such features.

te usage of certain functionalities is not allowed in PHP

While PHP Development process, there are many developers feeling that this language doesn’t allows using some features like memory access. However, the language is extensible and developers require writing code in C++ or C for developing an extension and integrating it. No doubt, many different types of extensions are available in PHP programming language and it is must for you to search required extensions. Moreover, developer doesn’t require creating an extension.

PHP is insecure

Many people are also thinking that websites and applications created by using this language are insecure. Thinking of people is true as PHP requires writing a separate codes unlike.NET which is a secure by default. Here, we come to know that the security is not a big issue as coding is provided to make your site/app secure.

This programming cannot be used for creating large Applications

Creating complex and larger size language can be only done with highly reliable programming language. Developers wouldn’t face any kind of problem, if they have capability of designing and developing a stable architecture for their application to enhance its performance. No matter, you are using PHP or any other programming language; it is must to develop stable application architecture.

PHP is only for developing site.

This myth only rise after PHP programming language used for developing website. It is not so true; you can use this language for developing applications as well that should run outside the server. Applications created with Command Line Interface can be running outside web server. PHP also has ability to create application that based on the CPU's functionalities. Such type of applications can be executed by the "PHP CLI" executable. Desktop applications are created by windows specific extensions in PHP.

Looking at above point, we come to know PHP programming language is one of the best of its own. However, many false thoughts rose in people’s mind are solved through this post. Now, if you want to create any app/website in PHP, then hire PHP developer from professional web Development Company.

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