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CakePHP 2, Yii OR Zend- Who Wear Winning Crown?

jaki watson | 20:47 | 3comments

Figures and facts of CakePHP 2, Yii and Zend are amazing. However, adopting one from three platforms is bit confusing for webmaster. It is advisable to check every detail of all three frameworks and decide which is best suited according to your requirements. Hire CakePHP developer for creating application using CakePHP framework or Yii or Zend developers for developing Yii and Zend applications.

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niu tech said...

Still CodeIgniter beats them in terms of performance, ease of use and popularity.

Carlos Gant said...

You should give a try to phalconphp. It is just awesome.

Anonymous said...

At one time I had seen these statistics.And I had commented that phpframework is a page that is not updated, so it should never be a reference to the latest trends in php frameworks.

First, CakePHP isn't a really a framework, is only a joke...http://petercai.com/why-i-dont-like-cakephp/

Second, Yii is still on prehistory PHP 5.2 (No namespace support neither his advantages), On yii, No dependency injection exists, no support to SOA, Not use a really ORM like Doctrine2, don't use a template engine, use PHP templates instead, this leave to the developer make disasters.

To see the really statistics of PHP Frameworks used, look at github, you shouldn't to see statistics generated by a page that is outdated like phpframework.com.

This statistics forget of frameworks that are really better, more currents, and have more functionality than CakePHP, Yii and ZF... Frameworks like Laravel, Symfony2, or Phalcon.

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