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CakePHP 2.4.4 Released to Make Web App Development Simpler Than Before

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Recently, the entire team of CakePHP core feeling proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.4.4 that is more powerful and advance in features. The CakePHP 2.4.4 is a bug-fix release for the 2.4 release branch, and there are many new changes have been done that you should know about this CakePHP 2.4.4 release.

Across the world, there are lots of people worldwide, who are using CakePHP framework to have a successfully website for their business. Moreover, CakePHP is the best form of PHP for developing websites and it is one such framework that can be used for coding language.
When it comes to talk about the all new CakePHP 2.4.4, there is a complete list of the changes that you can expect from this framework, so let’s have a look on the list of the changes that you can expect:
  • TextHelper: autoLink(), which is now obtainable and handles email addresses inside URLs accurately.

  • Even when a NotFoundException is raised, pagination request data is also set.
  • Model: DeleteAll will only delete distinct records now.

  • Hash: numeric() which works as expected with negative numbers as well as other numeric values.

  • Postgres biginteger primary keys now accurately use the bigserial type.

  • Router:mapResources() now makes sure that the prefix has both the leading and trailing slash.

  • The other excellent “my” and “ym” formats for validation::date() have been relaxed to allow both 2 and 4 digit year values.

  • When type=checkbox is provided FormHelper will not infer types incorrectly.

  • CakeRequest::referrer() no longer incorrectly reads the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST header.

  • An infinite loop condition in CakeSession was fixed. It can also activities by starting an already invalidated session.

  • FormHelper::dateTime() accurately handles times around the 12:00:00 when an interval is also used.

  • CakeRequest::host() now has a trustProxy parameter that allows access to the proxy host value.
So, above mentioned list of changes allow you to make your website more powerful and easy to handle. All the CakePHP users can get benefit of CakePHP 2.4.4 release and enjoy numerous benefits. If you have decided to get CakePHP development service, you can hire CakePHP developer, who has years of experience in CakePHP framework.

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