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CakePHP 2.4.5- Latest Bug-fix Release

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CakePHP, one of the best open source web application frameworks, follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach and written in PHP programming languages. This framework distributed under the MIT License and recently released CakePHP 2.4.5 update with bug-fix. CakePHP core team is proudly announced available of CakePHP 2.4.5, which is bugfix release for the 2.4 release branch.

In this release, one can find some changes like:

  • Schema creation with the connection parameter now works as anticipated.

  • Model::updateCounterCache() no longer triggers a notice error when $this->data is empty.

  • Controller baking now provides better feedback when no controllers are generated.

  • The postgres driver now quotes schema names. This solves issues with legacy schemas using special characters.

  • Datetime inputs will not select year 0 when the selected value is '0000-00-00'. This improves compatibility with MySQL.

  • URLs are no longer double URL decoded. This fixes lost data when named parameters or path segments contain values that look like URL encoded data.

  • Generated DOM ids for radios and checkboxes should now be collision free when using non-alphanumeric values.

  • Translate behavior now correctly handles translated values of '0'.

Apart from this list, you can see a full changelog on cakephp.org. CakePHP team wants to thank people who have contributed to CakePHP 2.4.5 release as their documentation edits, bug tickets, and patches/pull requests play important role to keep CakePHP alive and ticking.

For Download, you can visit https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp
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