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CakePHP Core Team Announced its First Development Preview of CakePHP 3.0

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The entire core team of CakePHP is feeling extremely happy to declare its first CakePHP 3.0’s development preview. The whole team has been working very hard for this day and today, the team is very excited with the progress that they made. When it comes to talk about the main aim of the development preview, it releases like to gather early feedback about the changes that are coming in CakePHP 3.0.

However, there are lots of things that are changing in CakePHP 3.0, so the main focus of the team for this release has been the ORM. From past 8 years, the model layer in CakePHP served the community very exceptionally, but now it has started to explain its age. The main goal of CakePHP 3.0 is to reinstate the ageing ORM with more modern object-orientated implementation. In the new development preview, you can find underpinnings of the new ORM.

However, the all new ORM comes with some excellent features and methods that you are looking for in future 3.0 releases. Along with it, CakePHP 3.0 also shows a major break in backwards compatibility. The team of CakePHP 3.0 is changing the methods and classes where it is important.

When it comes to modernize the ORM, it has caused a major ripple effect to other parts of the framework. Mainly, you can get some bigger changes in everything that touches the ORM/Models as its team has started over and built what they will soon become an excellent ORM.


Once again, you have to remember that this is a development preview release and there are lots of features that are incomplete and missing. For instance, the TreeBehavior and TranslateBehavior do not have 3.x versions.
The development preview release is not proposed for production use and it should be considered alpha software. Lots of experts are also hoping that by releasing preview, they got huge response from people. Below mentioned features are known to be incomplete, so let’s have a look:

  • Still, FormHelper does not work with the new ORM.

  • Scaffold has been removed.

  • Lots of behaviors have been removed or not working.

  • Currently, console/cake bake does not work

  • SchemaShell has been removed.

  • AclComponent is not working with DbAcl

Let’s consider other improvements:
Moreover to the ORM, the CakePHP 3.0 preview development releases has been enhanced various other parts of the framework. Following is the list of improvements that you are expecting to see:

  • Now, overturn routing has nearly reliable time complexity. However, in the previous releases reverse routing’s performance was reduced as the number of routes increased. But, thanks to some extra optimizations routing performance that stay more reliable with lots of routes as well.

  • Simplified Configuration: We all know that CakePHP doesn’t have lots of configuration, but the configuration it have is extremely simple and easy to transparent than ever before.

  • Streamlined events system: the events system is much easy than before and efficient than ever.

  • Community standards adopted – CakePHP is leveraging PSR-O, PSR-1 and composer support.

  • Now, routing prefixes map to controllers in sub-namespaces and not prefixed methods.

Above mentioned are some of the major improvements that are done by the team. So, if you have decided to get CakePHP application development service that has your desired features, you should hire CakePHP developer, who has extensive experience in CakePHP framework.

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