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Highly Useful PHP Development Tools That You Should Try

jaki watson | 01:05 | 1comments
PHP Development Tools
Who don’t try their hands on PHP? Almost all the developers have tried their hands on PHP, which is one of the most powerful and widely used open source server-side scripting languages that can be used to develop highly functional website.

Currently, more than 20 million indexed domains are using PHP comprising some very popular sites like WordPess, Facebook, Digg and more. However, there are various server-side scripting languages also obtainable like Ruby, Python and more, but PHP is the most preferred language that has its own features to offer its users.

The best thing about PHP is that it has complete documentation, ready-to-use scripts, well-supported framework, and a big community and most important its tools that make developers task a lot easier. Using PHP tools, it becomes much easier to get started with PHP as compare to other obtainable scripting languages. If you also want to make your PHP development projects easy and trouble-free, you can check-out these below given PHP development tools that are known for their functionalities:

Testing & Optimization Tools:

  • PHPUnit: PHPUnit is a great JUnit unit testing tool to PHP 5. Through this tool, users can get huge help in testing their Web application’s stability and scalability. Within the PHPUnit framework, writing test cases, which is much easy.

  • PHP Profile Class: PHP Profile Class is another great PHP profiling tool that can be used to test web applications. Get insight view of app’s parts that could use some refactoring and optimization with this tool.

Security Tools:

  • Scavenger: Being an open-source and real-time vulnerability management tool, Scavenger is one of the best options that can help system administrators respond to vulnerability findings, track vulnerability findings and review accepted and false-positive answered vulnerabilities.

  • Securimage: When it comes to Securimage, it is a free and open-source PHP CAPTCHA script that can be used for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes in order to protect forms from any kind of spam.

Debugging Tools:

  • DBG: DBG is an advanced PHP debugger tool that can be used in local and remote PHP debugging. One can easily plug into numerous PHP IDE’s and can easily be used with command line.

  • MacGDBp: MacGDBp is a great PHP debugger tool for the MAC OS. Comes with numerous features that you are looking for, it makes your task a lot easier. It offers with the ability to step through your code and set breakpoints.

So, these are some of the of the best and widely used PHP development tools that allow PHP developers to make PHP development projects easy. PHP developers can use any of these tools as per the requirement and get lots of benefits.
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