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2014’s 5 Best PHP Frameworks That You Should Try

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PHP Development
It is an undeniable truth that PHP is one of the most popular programming languages that has gained tremendous popularity in the market as web development platform in a very short period of time. Today, it is installed on more than 2.1 million web servers across the world and approximately 244 million sites as well as web applications are running on this programming language.

It is one of the major reasons that since PHO occupied the programming world, lots of new and dynamic frameworks are introduced in the market. Each PHP framework has its own features and set of tools and functionalities to offer developers to complete their projects on described time-frame.

Before you take any PHP development project in your hands, it is major thing to choose the best PHP framework to enjoy the charm of designing an excellent application in a jiffy.

It’s been a month and a half in 2014 and many of you all may have been looking for best PHP frameworks to use in your PHP development project to make it successful. To make your PHP development project successful, here I have listed 2014’s 5 best and highly popular PHP development frameworks that you should try:

Symfony Framework:

Symfony Development
Symfony is one of the most popular and widely used PHP frameworks of 2014 as it ships with a powerful ORM and excellent documentation. When it comes to considered it as fastest adopted framework, it mentioned the fact that Drupal, a leading open source CMS framework, uses this PHP framework components upto its latest version.

Being a high-end PHP framework, it comes with some exclusive features such as quick to adapt to your needs, completely configurable with its event dispatchers and dependency injector. Moreover, this framework can be easily used as a standalone micro framework without you having to reinvent the wheel and installing the entire framework.

Laravel Framework:

Laravel development
When it comes to Laravel, currently it is the most popular PHP framework in the GitHub arsenal. This is one such framework that provides an intrinsically promising foundation of well tested reliable code built on the top of several symfony components.

It is designed for the development of MVC web applications and it is released under the MIT license along with its source code that hosted on GitHub. As per the recent performed survey on PHP frameworks popularity, this framework is cited as one of the most promising PHP frameworks for 2014.

Yii Framework:

Yii Framework Development
Today, Yii is a highly advanced and most powerful PHP framework that allows users to focus on the uniqueness of the code while doing all the grunge work. There are various things that happen automatically in Yii, but the learning curve of it is a little steeper.

Yii offers a great support for writing and running both unit tests and functionality tests. It also has powerful caching system, which loads your web applications very quickly. It is also supporting message translating, number formatting, interface localization and date and time formatting.


CakePHP is also in my list as it is also a greatly demanded open source web application framework that follows all the Model-View-Controller approach and software design patterns. This framework uses well-known software engineering concepts and software design patterns.

Using CakePHP framework, one can get features of good code generation and scaffolding that rapidly build prototypes to suit all your needs. To set up database, there are no complicated XML/YAML file configurations. It is a perfect suited for commercial applications.


Phalcon is another great web framework for PHP 5 as it is written and implemented as a C extension. Mainly, this framework is developing and maintaining highly configurable web applications that sync right with the enterprise development guidelines.

Equipped with some awesome features, Phalcon framework’s learning curve is extremely easy and has easy to use ORM. However, this framework is slackly coupled, enabling users to use its objects as glue components.

So, above mentioned 5 best PHP frameworks of 2014 are completely excellent to begin with your PHP development project. From these 5 frameworks, one can use any of their desired frameworks and make their PHP project successful. One can also hire PHP developer to get guidance on developing PHP site that based on of these PHP frameworks. To get more information on PHP development and its solutions, stay connected with us.
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ukung zulfah said...

What do you think about code igniter frameworks?

Ali Emre Çakmakoğlu said...

Codeigniter is useful, when your needs meet at very simple projects, such as basic advertorial websites or 4 - 5 pages business websites. Otherwise, you should consider using such a framework that is mentioned above.

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