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Symfony 2.3.10 Released – Updated Features That You Should Know

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Symfony Development
Today, Symfony is one of the most popular and advance PHP web application frameworks for MVC applications. Being free software, this framework is released under the MIT license, and it comes with numerous features and functionalities and offer incredible performance to its users.

Recently, Symfony 2.3.10 has released that comes with lots of important changes that you should know. Now, you can speed up the creation and maintenance of your PHP web applications. It is also possible to replace the repetitive coding tasks by pleasure, power and control. Moreover, it is one such framework that is a PHP, a Community and a Philosophy that all working together in harmony.

In recent times, Symfony has gained huge popularity in the market as it become popular in the domain of the developers. When it comes to Symfony 2.3.10 released, it comes with lots of changes that you can find below:
  • bug #10231 [Console] removed problematic regex (fabpot)

  • bug #10245 [DomCrawler] Added support for <area> tags to be treated as links (shamess)

  • Bug #10232 [Form] Fix "Array was modified outside object" in ResizeFormListener. (Chekote)

  • bug #10215 [Routing] reduced recursion in dumper (arnaud-lb)

  • bug #10207 [DomCrawler] Fixed filterXPath() chaining (robbertkl)

  • bug #10205 [DomCrawler] Fixed incorrect handling of image inputs (robbertkl)

  • bug #10191 [HttpKernel] fixed wrong reference in TraceableEventDispatcher (fabpot)

  • Bug #10195 [Debug] Fixed recursion level incrementing in FlattenException::flattenArgs(). (sun)

  • bug #10151 [Form] Update DateTime objects only if the actual value has changed (peterrehm)

  • bug #10140 allow the TextAreaFormField to be used with valid/invalid HTML (dawehner)

  • bug #10131 added lines to exceptions for the trans and transchoice tags (fabpot)

  • bug #10119 [Validator] Minor fix in XmlFileLoader (florianv)

  • bug #10078 [BrowserKit] add non-standard port to HTTP_HOST server param (kbond)

  • bug #10091 [Translation] Update PluralizationRules.php (guilhermeblanco)

  • bug #10053 [Form] fixed allow render 0 numeric input value (dczech)

  • bug #10033 [HttpKernel] Bugfix - Logger Deprecation Notice (Rican7)

  • bug #10023 [FrameworkBundle] Thrown an HttpException instead returning a Response in RedirectController::redirectAction() (jakzal)

  • bug #9985 Prevent WDT from creating a session (mvrhov)

  • bug #10000 [Console] Fixed the compatibility with HHVM (stof)

  • bug #9979 [Doctrine Bridge][Validator] Fix for null values in assosiated properties when using UniqueEntityValidator (vpetrovych)

  • bug #9983 [TwigBridge] Update min. version of Twig (stloyd)

  • bug #9970 [CssSelector] fixed numeric attribute issue (jfsimon)

  • bug #9747 [DoctrineBridge] Fix: Add type detection. Needed by pdo_dblib (iamluc)

  • bug #9962 [Process] Fix #9861 : Revert TTY mode (romainneutron)

  • bug #9960 [Form] Update minimal requirement in composer.json (stloyd)

  • bug #9952 [Translator] Fix Empty translations with Qt files (vlefort)

  • Bug #9948 [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed profiler toolbar icons for XHTML. (rafalwrzeszcz)

  • bug #9933 Propel1 exception message (jaugustin)

  • bug #9949 [BrowserKit] Throw exception on invalid cookie expiration timestamp (anlutro)

By releasing Symfony 2.3.10, users can enjoy above mentioned bug fixes and enjoy many new features. Now, Symfony developer has the liberty to pace up the formation and maintenance of numerous PHP applications at your disposal. 

We all know that Symfony has its own debugging toolbar and profiler that acts at the time of delivery of the framework. To get more information on Symfony development and its news, you can keep visiting this blog.
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