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Zend Declares Improved PHP Support Policy & Zend Server 6.3

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Recently, Zend declares its official long-term support (LTS) policy for PHP as it allows users to assertively continue using a given major version of PHP. The improved version from Zend adds an additional 2 years (40%) to the life cycle of a main PHP version, after its end of support from the open source PHP community.

When it comes to talk about the expand support for the PHP runtime, it is also obtainable for Zend Server customers through a long-term support release of Zend server, which comes with support and security hotfixes both for Zend server as the PHP runtime. If you are looking to get complete full term support policy, you can visit (www.zend.com/php-long-term-support).

However, the latest release of Zend Server supports production environments on three major versions of PHP including 5.5, 5.4, and 5.3. The all new Zend server is going to offer a Long-term support for PHP 5.3, fully supporting that runtime version for three more years, until February 2017.

Well, what’s new in enhanced PHP Support?

Users will get many new options for Windows PHP developers coding for the IBM I platform – The XML toolkit that lets IBM I resources to be leveraged by PHP apps can be easily deployed on Window-based Zend Server development systems. It also extends the creativity of IBM I organizations by making Windows developers more dedicated and productive and enabling them to locally develop applications that meant to run on production IBM I systems.

Expanded version support – Now, Zend server supports PHP 5.5 and it will be certified to run on Ubuntu 13.10 using Apache 2.4.

Faster getting up to speed with well-known PHP packaged apps – Some users can experience some sample apps that ready for deployment such as Magento, Drupal, WordPress and more. Developers can easily experience some well-known PHP applications with Zend server taking care of configuration and deployment.

When it comes to talk about Zend Queue, it allows users running-time consuming jobs in eliminating app bottlenecks, reducing server load and more. However, the latest Zend version comes with below mentioned enhancements:

  • 40% faster creation of new jobs

  • Support for triggering offline scripts over HTTPS

  • Job Rules dashboard enhancements: added pagination, search, filtering and sorting

So, this is the improved PHP support policy and Zend server 6.3 that declared by the company Zend officially. However, if you have decided to get PHP Zendframework development service to meet your requirements, you need to hire PHP Zend developer, who has capability to handle complex Zend requirements.
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