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4 New & Best PHP Frameworks of 2014

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 PHP Framework 2014
We all know that framework is a great software application that helps developers in designing and developing wonderful websites. Every month many new and dynamic frameworks are launched by lots of developers in order to make development process a lot easier and effective.

If you are a PHP developer and want to get some best and new PHP frameworks to make your website development project a lot easier, there is no need to look here and there as here you can find 5 new and best PHP frameworks of 2014. Below mentioned frameworks are capable of simplifying your development tasks, so make sure to go with this list if you are looking to develop a website.

Nette Framework is a new and modern PHP framework of 2014 that comes with revolutionary security and an object-oriented design. This is a great framework that offers excellent performance and an easy learning curve. However, this framework also has an active community and provides you with plenty of flexibility to do what you need to do. Being the best PHP framework, it supports MVC, AJAX, code reusability, DRY, KISS and more.

Guzzle framework is one of the newest PHP frameworks that comes with service descriptions for quickly building clients, persistent connections, batching for sending a large number of requests as efficiently as possible and more. It also comes with required tools to develop a robust web service for clients such as resources iterators for traversing paginated resources.

When it comes to Webasyst, it is an open source PHP framework that can be used for developing sleek multi-user web apps and complex websites. As compare to other frameworks like Symfony and Zend, it is more focused framework and enables developers to develop apps for business and team usage more quickly and efficiently.

Kohana is also the best open source framework of 2014 as it is an object-oriented MVC web framework that built using PHP 5. This framework offers a rich set of components for developing web applications. However, it also allows you to use specific libraries and tools that can extend existing components and add new libraries.

Above mentioned 4 PHP frameworks are best and newly launched in the market. All four PHP frameworks that are mentioned above are completely marvelous and stuffed with some high-end features. If you are looking to develop your website on these mentioned frameworks, you should hire PHP developer, who will comprehends your needs and develop an excellent website.
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Rohit D said...

Nette is neither new nor newly launched in 2014 and also it is not MVC based. If you closely have a look you will find it is using MVP. Also there is another new framework in market with awesome features into it - Cygnite PHP Framework which under active development also about to release next version. Please add it into your list.

As for now Cygnite Framework has though documentation is under progress -

1. Framework should be very simple yet powerful. With Composer installation.
2. Cygnite Framework allows you various types of routing and also allows to create restfull api.
3. It build on symfony2 components. (Symfony2 console, twig, swift mailer etc.)
4. It supports Twig Template engine.
5. Whoops error handler makes your application bug free.
6. Allow you to create crud operations, paginations etc. via Cygnite CLI by single line of command.
7. Schema builder is easy and also allow you create migrations.
8. Form builder, validation is so easy and expressive.
9. Orm type insert, update, select, dynamic finders, events, build on swift mailer and more.

These all features are enough to add in your list.


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