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8 Highly Interactive RESTful Micro Frameworks That You Should Opt For

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Are you programming in PHP? If yes, this blog is helpful for you as it contains a list of micro frameworks that are associated with representation state transfer. 

Today, PHP users can find a range of micro frameworks that they can use, but it is essential to make use of best and effective ones in order to avoid any hassle.  

Below mentioned frameworks are frequently used for developing web services, so let’s have a quick look on some frameworks that you can use for your project:

Wave Framework –

Wave is the best PHP micro-framework that is built on model-view-control architecture and factory method design pattern. This micro-framework is developed for web services, sites and info-systems and is built across a native API architecture, smart image and caching and resource management.

Being a solid framework, this micro-framework is a compact one that doesn’t include any optional library. However, it also has a very tiny footprint and is developed keeping lightweight speed and optimizations in mind.

Recess PHP Framework

Recess is an open source RESTful PHP framework that is especially designed for users to give them a fun as well as delightful development experience. Comes with lots of wonderful features, Recess PHP framework is a great option for businesses to opt for.

The best thing about this micro-framework is that it has excellent documentation along with video tutorials, but it lacks any type of support and was last updated in 2010.


BulletPHP is a feature-rich PHP micro-framework that is well-known for taking a very unique approach to URL routing. Users of this micro-framework can use it to develop REST APIs and web applications that conform to HTTP specifications automatically. It is a resource and URL-oriented framework that comes with pre-loaded powerful HTTP features such as caching and content-negotiation.

Silex –

When it comes to Silex, it is one such micro PHP framework that comes with both very good documentation and third party community support. Silex will be best choice for you if you opt for it as it has been built on Symphony components and is modular.

Mini PHP framework –

Mini PHP framework is another great framework that release of a private framework into the open source by Ralfe Poisson. It is the base code that can be used to start every new PHP project. Businesses can use this framework for facing very least amount of hassle.

Phalcon –

Phalcon is one of the best and fastest micro framework that is obtainable for right now for you to use. However, it lacks third party document support and it also doesn’t have much third-party community support.

It is implemented as a C extension that offering high-performance and lower resource consumption. It is the fastest PHP framework that implemented as a C extension offering high-performance and lower resource consumption.

Limonade –

For rapid development and prototyping, it is one such framework that has huge ground to newer frameworks. It is one such framework that can still be put to use for your projects, but preferably the smaller ones.

Tonic –

Tonic is another wonderful framework that would be hard to recommend as it has wonderful documentation accompanying it. It also takes huge time to get used to it, but a professional developer can handle it easily. As compare to other frameworks, it is a lot easier that can be used without any hassle.

So, these are the 8 PHP micro-frameworks that can be used easily. These above mentioned frameworks are rich in terms of features, functionalities and performance, so using these frameworks is a great option for PHP development. However, one can hire PHP developer and get complete support.
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