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Yii Framework – A Perfect Framework to Deliver High Value Applications

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Yii Framework Development Services
When it comes to talk about Yii Framework, it is a free open source web application development framework that is written in PHP5. This is one such framework that simplifies your application development task and helps you out in developing user-friendly, efficient and maintainable product.

Today, it is highly recommended framework for any sized project. Users of this framework can stay focused on the tasks specific to their business needs and allows this framework to offer an execution strategy for all of the following reasons:

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern –

One of the best things about Yii framework is that it is most widely adopted design patterns in Web programming. For instance - model-view-controller (MVC); however, the basic idea behind it is to separate the representation of information from the user’s interaction with it. However, MVC means:

Model – It is well-known for representing the information and the business rules.

View – The view contains some major elements of the user interface like text, form inputs and more.

Controller – The controller manages the communication between the model and the view.

Form Input and Validation

In web application development, the most important task is handling the forms and collecting user data. With obtainable data or default values, display appropriate error message and validate the user input, developers have to populate the form for invalid input and save the input data to storage. However, the Yii’s MVC architecture is known for simplifying the workflow.

Authentication and Approval

Yii is one such framework that is built-in with authentication and authorization functionality, and it is easy to use and modify that makes it one of the best frameworks ever.

However, the central piece in this framework authorization is a pre-declared user application component that is an object implementing the interface.

For the current user, the user component stores allows accessing it from any place with the help of Yii::app()->user. Using below mentioned components, we can perform lots of functionalities:

  • Whether a user is logged in or not, check.

  • Login and Logout a User

  • You can get unique identifier and other related identity information about the user.

  • You can check whether user has access to a particular operation or not.

Extensions –

While development, developer normally expands Yii framework like when you write a new controller, you can expand Yii by taking over its Controller class. If third-party developers are going to use expanded code, they call it an extension.

So, these are some of the best features that make Yii framework is the best framework for high value applications. If you are looking for Yii framework development service, you should hire Yii developer from any trusted Yii framework development company.
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