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CleanTalk Launched An App For the Defense of Yii Framework

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Finally, CleanTalk has launched an application for the protection of Yii framework against span and spam bots. So, users of the Yii framework can make use of this application to protect the site against spam and spam bots.

Using this application, users can easily and quickly connect to anti spam server CleanTalk. This is one such service that offers complete protection from spam bots for website administrators and easy commentary/sign-up form for visitors.

One of the best things about this application is that it provides protection from automatically distributed spam and from spam bots registrations. Being one such protection method that offered by CleanTalk, it allows users to control from the methods, which trouble the communication to a more convenient one.

Moreover, this application saves your huge amount of time and resources that spent on moderation and verification of questionable users or comments.

CleanTalk saves time and resources spent on moderation and verification of questionable users or comments. Unnoticeable Protection from spam and registration forms, which does not require the visitor to prove who they are, increases the conversion in registration and is not annoying.

Being a cloud service and security module, it can be installed on a website that sends the behavior limits of the visitor or spam bot. However, these parameters are predictable and the service makes a decision to post a message or to define it as spam.

The service is known for forming its own list of email addresses that used by spam bots on the basis of such checks. Similarly, the visitors’ registration has been checked. Moreover, this service is not well-known for adding only email addresses to the blacklist, but it also adds IP addresses and domains of the websites.

The company also developed unique algorithms to assess the behavior of the visitor. It helps in keeping spam messages at bay with 100% accuracy. These are sudden things to happen and needs no action from the administration of the website. Further, the company also offers automatic spam protection service for lots of CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, DataLife Engine, vBulletin, SimpleMachinesForum and more.

About Yii Framework –

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