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Develop Robust Applications with Yii Framework – Its Features

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No doubt, PHP is one of the most amazing high functionality software platforms and many Yii Development Companies are facing problems when it comes to choosing right framework for projects as PHP comes with bundle of options. Among those options, Yii is one of the best frameworks, blessed with advanced configuration and capabilities. Yii framework also has in-built libraries and tools that swing right into action as its capability is strong and gain developers to go unbridled with their creativity and skill set. Yii Framework Development is best for many reasons such as:

Model View Controller:

Yii is based on the MVC architecture that allows carrying web application development with excellent structures. One shouldn’t find any room for chaotic tendencies of programmers to creep in. All the potential clutter is ensured by the clean separation of concerns that doesn’t allow growing and renders the code a messy look.

Database Access Objects (DOA):

Database Access Objects in Yii is available for every developers whether they are experienced or beginners. It is undesirable to slog out for repeatedly writing lengthy SQL queries.

Creating and Authorizing Forms:

When it comes to developing forms, Yii has high usability of other PHP frameworks as developers have to encounter certain challenged that are deterring. If we are talking about the Yii, it only develops a form and keying in the essential data that ensures validity of information.

AJAX Widgets:

A line of highly functional AJAX widgets is loaded in Yii. These widgets ensure developers to create crackling user interfaces that enhance enviable efficiency and usability.

Authentication Capabilities:

One of the best things about Yii is it pre-incorporates with several authentication features that ensure no illicit access is given. With this, developers can easily carry out the authorization procedures with the help of RBAC powered authorization.


Yii’s security is expanded into a broader horizon. With the help of security features, it highlights areas that prone to attacks and do not allow threats like the possible SQL injection, CRSF, etc. to breed. For such reasons, it is best to search out the potential threats to your project.

So, these are some marvelous Yii features that help developers to create robust application. If you are looking for excellent Yii Framework Development Services loaded with above given features then contact us. We also service other Yii related services, including Yii Theme Development, template development and so on.

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