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Different Languages That Developers Need To Know

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Programming Languages
Now-a-days, all the big companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are developing their own programming languages for particular use with their own platforms. These companies are forcing developers to adapt these new languages to develop something unique on it.

Last week at Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has declared about its new programming language that is called Swift. Being a latest in the world of new languages, various new languages are developed by some big tech companies for their specific use.

When it comes to talk about Apple’s Swift language, it is developed for iOS developers, while Facebook has Hack that is one such language for back-end development. In the interim, Google also has its own entries like JavaScript replacement Dart and other new programming language “Go”. However, the rash of many new languages has lifted many new issues for developers. You can find lots of issues that lifted by developers on their social networking sites.

Tumult of Computer Language

As we all know that already there are hundreds of programming languages that exist in the market and each one has its own use. Many more are also popping up. Some languages are designed for narrow range of applications.

As like that various big companies are developing new languages for about as long as there have been big tech companies. At AT&T Bell Labs in the early 1970s, the seminal general purpose language C has been originated. When it comes to Java, it is the major language for developing android applications and it was born at Sun Microsystems in the 1990s.

A newly launched language Swift will simplify iOS apps development by filing the rough boundaries off Objective-C, the current lingua franca of iOS and Mac OS X developers. However, it also needs all those same developers in order to learn the ins and outs of a new language that they are going to use anywhere else.

Who is more powerful?

Well, who has more power companies or developers? The balance of power between companies and developers lies. Because companies are able to make their own languages as specific as they like, but developers do not use them, no one will use it.

However, it is not easy for all the companies to make a language one after another. Go, Hack, Swift and Dart are such proven useful languages for particular companies that designated programming solutions. Like hack can be used in different back-end implementations, it’s like that Facebook doesn’t have any kind of such data that people are looking to use.

It is not like that developers are not able to learn numerous languages even most of the developers do. For developers, it is not hard to learn new language because if they are familiar with Java, it will be easy for them to learn Ruby or Perl.

So, there are lots of new programming languages that are emerging in the market and each one use for different purposes. If you want to get any assistant for your project or looking to hire PHP developer, you can get in touch with us.

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