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5 Signs that Tells Your Website should be Revamp

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When you avoid re-configuration, publishing, or customizing your CMS, you may face many serious product-level issues. All such issues enhance your business’s capability as not to utilize your site as weapon for your market place. It is quite disheartening, isn’t it?

In such case, we all are thinking to revamp website instead of redesigning. Before going for revamping, here we are going to discuss some issues that tell why you should go for website revamp.

Separate Publishing Tools for Website and Mobile

Most of online merchants have two different channels, i.e. mobile and web and thus, they are getting confused that resulted into errors. On other side, if you are using a contemporary CMS then multiple publishing channels are managed by it. You just have to enter the content and publish to your intended channels to deliver your content omnipresence.

So Many Variations of a Single Image

It is one of the difficult tasks to spread a source image in different sizes in your target areas. CMS Professional Developer has to do much cropping and resize. Apart from, you have to check whether the dimensions are correct or not and also allocate proper image variant to the appropriate target. Must say, it is very time-consuming task.

One can get a contemporary CMS with CMS website redesigning that creates variants on the fly. In this case, you have to put the source image to the multiple target areas.


Collecting images, creating or selecting tags, previews, etc. is the long 8-step process. So, it is advisable to choose contemporary CMS that available with highly flexible UI for editors. With this UI, you can easily arrange the content faster into one authoring environment. List of features offered by UI such as:
  • A layout editor

  • Can add or delete a list of components from the page

  • A tag manager for all into one-screen view

  • DAM comes with an image-view in thumbnail form
Hiding CMS Code

Hiding CMS Code surely makes difficulty in de-bugging. As you are not able to access the code, it creates difficulty to find and fix issues. If you want to customize your CMS then request a quote to the Offshore PHP Development Company.

Re-Negotiate Licensing With Your CMS Vendor

One of the most important parts of marketing is spin-up new projects. It is time to change your vendors when license terms notifies you for every new project and incurs additional fees. There are some vendors moving towards fluid licensing model as it allows them to add domains without getting prior approval of the vendor.

These are five important signs that tells you to revamp your site through highly expert CMS Professional Developer. If you have any other queries related to Offshore PHP Development then ask us now.
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