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Finally, Yii 1.1.5 Released With Security Fix

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As we all know that Yii is the most popular and widely used framework that loaded with some high-end features. Now, the owners of this framework are releasing Yii 1.1.15 in order to fix security problem that found in 1.1.14. So, all the users of Yii framework can get improved version of Yii that has all those features required in any framework.

The company has requested all the 1.1.14 users to upgrade their Yii to this latest release in order to fix security problem that they were facing. However, it is important to note that all the previous versions are not affected as the issue was affecting only 1.1.14.

Moreover, it is completely safe to upgrade to this release from 1.1.14 and it will not break your existing code. The susceptibility is in the CDetailView widget. Whenever any Yii application uses this widget and configures the value property of a CDetailView attribute with the help of using end-user inputs. It will allow attackers to potentially execute random PHP scripts on the server.

The company is not showing any exploit like how to do it here to enable users to upgrade before detail about the exploit become publicly known. Well, the complete details of the issue are only known to core team members.

About Yii Framework –

Yii is an open source, object oriented and component based MVC PHP web application framework that offers a complete range of features to its users. MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, role-based access control, I18N/L10N, caching, scaffolding, testing, authentication and many more are some of the major features of this framework that make it highly popular framework as compare to others.

This framework’s security comes as a standard as it includes output filtering, cross-site scripting prevention, input validation, SQL injection and many more. So, businesses can go Yii framework development to get their desired services, just they need to opt for an offshore PHP development company that delivers best quality services.

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