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New Zend Studio Boosts Eclipse PHP Support & Productivity of Developers

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Zend is one of the leading PHP companies that has declared the general availability of the newest version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE). When it comes to talk about the Zend Studio 11, it is the most open PHP IDE framework that offers a complete library of third-party plug-ins.

It is the latest Zend Studio version that is extremely helpful for people in mobilizing existing PHP applications. Moreover, the new features of it boost developers’ productivity, facilitating development as well as deployment in the cloud and enhance team collaboration.

Mobilizing PHP Applications

Now, Zend Studio makes it extremely easy to develop mobile applications on top of existing PHP applications and server back-ends. An open source API builder, Apigility’s new integration enables developers to exceptionally create and edit document and test RPC or RESTful services with the help of user-friendly editor without bothering about the plumbing.

So, developers can mainly focus on the business logic instead of the client-server connectivity. However, a visual editor can also help prototype the graphic user-interface of mobile apps with highly simple drag and drop actions.

A simple yet effective workflow used by Zend Studio in order to develop IOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications that leverage integrated emulators to test native applications.

As per the general manager Michel Gerin, “This new version is a must-have for developers racing to bring mobility – and thus innovation -- to their existing PHP apps. He also added “Zend Studio 11 harnesses the power of Apigility to write for Web or native mobile applications simultaneously, making it easy for developers to add Android or iOS mobile apps to PHP back-ends."

Ease Cloud Deployment –

This is one such platform that also allows developers to deploy PHP applications on any PHP enabled web server. It also comes built-in with some amazing features, including take full advantage of the cloud to support for Zend server on Amazon web services, IBM SoftLayer and more.

Support With All The Frameworks & Composer –

Zend studio is based on the open source Eclipse as it is a fully open environment, which supports all the frameworks from Zend framework to Laravel and Symfony. It also improves developer’s productivity from fetching dependencies with strong composer support, coding and unit testing to documentation, learning new APIs and more.


A free open source community edition is also available.Moreover, if you are looking to download a free version of this version, you can click here. You can also find a short video that demonstrating the new features, just click here.

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A lot of PHP developers are a big fan of their PHP framework, and there so many frameworks from which it becomes difficult to choose. Among the most popular ones are, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter framework whereas the young ones are stuck on the block Slim, Lithium, Silex and Laravel.

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