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PHP Yii Framework – Excellent to Grow Online Business

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PHP Yii Framework Development Services

These days, more and more businesses are concerned about many market challenges due to high competition. Yii is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that help to build Web 2.0 applications for businesses to compete with their rivals. With its unique features Model View Controller (MVC) design patterns, and so on, this framework offers business to create applications pertaining CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) operations. In addition to, there are many advantages offered by PHP Yii Web Development Framework for businesses.

Easy Configuration

Being a popular framework, Yii is simple and easy-to-use framework. There are many websites that completely dedicated to serve excellent information about configuring and utilizing the Php Yii website development framework. When Yii combined with Alternative PHP Cache (APC), it delivers bench marked at 673 RPS (request per second).

Inbuilt Security Features

It is must to maintain website security of your business. Yii framework comes with built-in security features that help business to keep their website secure and hackers-free.

Unit and functionality testing:

Apart from, developers can easily write and execute Unit tests and functionality tests, based on PHPUnit and Selenium while Yii Framework Development process.

Automatic code generation:

The best thing about Yii is it delivers tools for developers to generate code quickly.

Compliant with third party code:

Developers can easily use Third party code i.e. code from other frameworks etc. without any complications while using Yii framework.

Form input and validation:

Handling the forms and collecting user data is one of the most tasks in Web application development. Developers have to occupy the form with validate the user input, existing data or default values, display appropriate error messages for invalid input and save the input data to storage.

AJAX enabled widgets:

One of the best things about Yii is it comes with a rich set of AJAX widgets that used for creating highly efficient User Interfaces.

Skinning and Themes:

The look of a Yii based website can be changed instantly using the skinning and theming mechanism offered by it.

Error handling and logging:

Yii allows making Error handling very simple. It also saves log messages in simple and neat manners that can be accessed categorically.

Detailed documentation:

Yii has a neat documentation that explains developers every single method and property.

These are some extra ordinary features offered by Yii to online business for developing exceptional well site. If you are looking to develop Yii site for your business then contact Perception System to adopt PHP Developer for hire service.

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