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5 Highly Convincing Reasons to Opt For Zend Framework

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Zend Framework
Many of you all may have confusion that which framework is best for your project as there are lots of frameworks obtainable on the web, so it is quite difficult to end-up with one that is best in terms of features and performance. As compare to other frameworks, Zend framework is one of the most powerful open source and object-oriented web application frameworks that stuffed with lots of exclusive features. 

If you are thinking that how this framework is best from rest of the frameworks, you should continue reading this blog as below you can find 7 highly convincing reasons to go with Zend framework:

Object-oriented Framework:

As we all know that Zend framework is an object-oriented framework that works expendably. The benefit of its being object-oriented is its ability to make code reusable and since nobody like to repeat themselves as this is an extremely good thing to adopt.

MVC Components

One of the best parts of Zend framework is it offers MVC components. We know that MVC stands for Model View Controller architectural pattern and the use of it helpful in isolating business logic from user interface. In the user land controller class, HTTP requests are mapped to a specific function and this framework also implements the front controller pattern. 

Allows You to Do Various Things:

Today, Zend is one such framework that allows you to do lots of things because it has various components. If you are looking for a way to authenticate a user, you can make use of Zend_Auth. When it comes to control the access of your resources, you can look-up to Zend_Acl as there are lots of other components that can help you to do various things. For whole list of the components, you can go through this link. 


All the users are expecting a support from an open source framework, so mailing list is official support channel. Lots of developers from Zend have participated in the support mailing lists. On Freenode, there is also a #zftalk IRC channel. Various unofficial Zend framework forums online are obtainable and you can also find lots of posts on how to articles, news, tips and tricks about Zend framework that are updated by developers on their blogs and websites. 

Allowing Integrating with anything you want:

Today, the framework’s decoupled nature allows users to integrate libraries as per their want. Suppose, if you are looking to use Smarty as your templating system, so it is easily possible for you as you need to develop a wrapping class for Zend_View_Abstract that uses a Smarty instance to render the view. It is working in both ways as you are able to integrate ZF into other libraries

So, above mentioned are some of the major reasons to use Zend framework for your project. However, you can also hire a professional PHP Zend developer from Zend Development Company and get your desired services at the most competitive rates.

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