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CakePHP 3.0.0 Alpha 2 Now Obtainable For Download

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The core team of CakePHP is feeling conceited to declare the availability of CakePHP 3.0.0 alpha 2. When it comes to CakePHP3.0.0alpha2, it is the most widely demanded release for CakePHP 3.0.0.

In the month, some of the new features have been merged and some issues have been also fixed. The all new CakePHP 3.0.0 Alpha 2 comes with a comprehensive range of features that allow users to get an incredible experience. Before discussing more on the CakePHP 3.0.0 Alpha 2 features, let’s have a look on it:

CacheHelper Removed:

From CakePHP, CacheHelper has been eliminated as the team of CakePHP feels that the functionality offered by this helper is best handled by standalone service such as glaze. At the time of developing an ESI based replacement for CacheHelper, numerous edge cases that would have complicated the implementation.

Router Refactor and Builder based APIs:

Internally, the router has been re-factored and many new method have been introduced that enable route files to stay DRYer than ever before. The presentation of parsing incoming URLs has been greatly enhanced along with the improved methods.
When it comes to Router, it is about missing routes, and it will also inform you when a URL cannot be parsed or matched with the connected routes.

ORM enhancements

  • When marshaling data, users can easily identify a white list of fields out of the request and into entities.

  • All the different options for varied ORM operations are consistent.

  • With IN clauses, conditions work extremely wonderful with empty data.

  • Now, it becomes easy to implement custom column types with the _initializeSchema table hook method.

  • Conditions with nullable values are extremely easy to build ‘field IS’ =>$val will generate correct SQL while $val is not NULL.

  • Query::newExpr() now accepts a SQL expression.

Some Other Important Changes That You Should Check-out

  • Now, Prefixed controllers can be used prefixed layouts that can be checked automatically.

  • FormHelper as well as HtmlHelper has their own $confirmMessage arguments that can be removed and replaced with confirm options

  • Cookies can be read as well as decrypted idly.

  • Errors have been enhanced for cells

  • From security::hash(), Bcrypt hashing has been removed.

These are some of the important changes in the CakePHP new version, so consider these changes as essential for you. Moreover, if you are looking to get CakePHP development service, you can contact CakePHP developer for hire and get best service as per your business requirements.
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