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CakePHP Core Team Releases CakePHP 3.0.0-beta 1 For Users

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Finally, the CakePHP core team has announced the first beta release of CakePHP 3.0.0 and the team was very excited while releasing the first beta. The entire team of CakePHP was working very hard in the weeks since 3.0.0 alpha2 for incorporating community feedback on the new release. The team has completed the remaining changes, which would break compatibility in an important way.

Flouting Changes since 3.0.0-alpha2

There have been numerous changes since the release of 3.0.-alpha2 and changes can easily break compatibility with obtainable applications.

Now, NumberHelper Uses Intl

When it comes to Number library and NumberHelper, both make use of intl within in order to format currencies as well as values. Through this, NumberHelper is completely aware of the apps’ current locale. However, the addFormat () method has been removed.

18n has been re-implemented

Successfully developed on wonderful ext/intl and Aura/intl, the all new localization subsystem provides influential replacement syntax, and keeps a backwards compatible sprintf() based formatter. If you are looking to get more information on it, you can click on this link. However, the L10 class has been removed.

Modifications in the Directory Layout
  • src/bootstrap.php is now /config/bootstrap.php

  • Now, bake templates can be put-in src/Template/Bake.

  • src/Config is now /config

  • Log files are now in a top level directory by default. Having them mixed in with other actually temporary data sometimes resulted in people accidentally deleting their log files.

Vendor Prefixed Plugins Have been Modified

There are lots of plugins that use vendor prefixes like AcmeCorp/Users, so all those plugins have no longer renamed. Rather than using users.user, it is best for you to use AcmeCorp/Users.User. Moreover, the vendor prefix can be used as folder name in the plugins folder so that the plugin can be installed in plugins/AcmeCorp/Users folder.

Some of the New Features of 3.0.0-beta 1
  • Now, query objects can be json serialized

  • Enhanced error pages for plugins

  • Multiple optimizations for performance

  • Lots of bugs have been fixed in the ORM and across the framework

  • Shell::param() was added.

  • Cookie paths are now set to the application's base directory by default.

  • Various API documentation blocks and book sections have been enhanced.

Some Methods That Have Been Removed:
  • It supports for CASE statements, which have been added to the ORM

  • Various rarely using methods defined in basics.php, which have been removed. Functions like config() no longer exist.

  • App::objects() has been removed

  • Helper::assetTimestamp(),Helper::assetUrl(), and Helper::webroot() have been moved to a UrlHelper. It enables people to easily replace the URL developing features in each of your helpers.

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