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PHP 7 Lands with Remarkable Features

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PHP 7 Features
PHP is a server-side scripting language that especially designed for web development and also used as general-purpose programming language. PHP brings some fabulous features in its every latest version. This time, PHP 7 comes up with some outstanding features with its release. Check out below.

JIT Engine

PHPNG development was started with the motivation to research the implementation of a JIT engine for the Zend Engine based PHP, according to Dmitry Stogov of Zend. Zend opcodes can be easily accumulated by A JIT engine into native machine code that would make the code run faster next time it is run.

Dmitry also stated in May that he "spent a significant amount of time experimenting with JIT, and even created a PoC of transparent LLVM based JIT compiler embedded into OPCache". So, it is surely in the plans of Zend that allows bringing a JIT engine to PHP 7 as according to to Zeev Suraski it can "push performance through the roof for an already ultra fast implementation".

AST: Abstract Syntax Tree

The implementation of the generation of an Abstract Syntax Tree is proposed by Nikita Popov. It is not a first time; he already proposed it in 2012. Several advantages are provided by an AST that he described in his proposals such as the potential for more optimizations that would make PHP run even faster. The possibility to expose the AST to PHP extensions and userland applications is described in the latest proposal.

Huge Performance Improvements

One of the main aims of PHPNG was to bring performance improvements that matched with Facebook HHVM. As per the article written by Zeev Suraski, it is admitted that that they take HHVM as a competitor of the Zend Enginebased PHP. This article also shows how far PHPNG branch has developed in terms of performance improvements.

Standalone Multi-threading Web Server

One of the best things that make PHP more scalable is it can be run from multi-threaded Web servers like ngynx, lighttpd or even Apache in worker mode. But, it is not as same as having PHP run on its own multi-threading Web server.

Many simultaneous requests can be handled by a multi-threading Web server that uses a single memory pool and thus, it avoid the memory waste that happens when anyone run PHP as FastCGI or in Apache pre-fork mode. A single pool of database connections is used by PHP to minimize the number of simultaneous database connections opened during access peaks.

Releasing Date - PHP 7

According to some rumors, PHP 7 will launch between 1 to 3 years. That means, it release some time in 2016, although it is not fully confirmed yet.

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