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PHP SDK Released by Facebook’s Parse

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Now, everyone can download the Parse PHP SDK from GitHub that is released by Facebook’s Parse. The main aim of this release is to allow Parse integration “for a new class of apps and different use cases.”

According to the company, it is its “first SDK for a server-side language, and the first to be truly open-source.” This release is its first SDK for a server-side language by the Facebook-owned company and it is an open source.

Just like Parse SDKs, its structure is same and is built around ParseObject that comes with key-value pairs of schema-less JSON-compatible data. Users can easily save, recover, update, and remove PFObjects.

User can find queries modeled through PFQuery, which simple queries as well as relational queries. Role-based Access Control is also allowed by Parse that offers a legitimate way of grouping users with general access privileges to Parse data.

Cloud Code environment that based on its own JavaScript SDK is offered by Parse for those cases that needed logic related to server-side. One of the best things about Parse Cloud Code is its update is accessible to all environments without to waste time waiting for a new application release.

One can also gained the same kind of reward with the opening of Parse PHP SDK by using PHP. Until now, you will find the REST API was the only option, if you wanted to access Parse from PHP. Third parties on GitHub have launched a few Parse API wrapper libraries.

Talking about Parse, it was founded by Kevin Lacker, Ilya Sukhar, Tikhon Bernstam, and James Yu in 2011. Parse is one of the best cloud app platforms that offer users to add a scalable and prevailing backend for launching a full-featured app.

This cloud application works excellent for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X and in 2013, it was being acquired by Facebook.

Since it launched, the absolutely re-invented Facebook SDK for PHP at its conference months ago and has been seen more than 160 commits with solid contributions and improvements from 20 devoted developers, said by Facebook.

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