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A New PHPStorm 8 Released – Things To Know & Chance to Grab a Free License

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Last week, PHPStorm 8 has been released and there is no secret that it is a lot better than Zend Studio, Netbeans and Sublime Text. There are lots of new features in PHPStorm 8 that you should know and finish up with a giveaway of free licenses.

This all new tool brings various new emerging technologies that help users to enjoy web development with deepest ever code understanding and advanced support for remote environments. Without wasting more time on discussion, let’s have a look on its new features that are mentioned below:

Along with the earlier support for multiple cursors, Drupal 8, Markdown in PHPDoc, PHPUnit 4, PSR4 inspections, remote interpreters, ability to open remote URLs from the files referencing them, multiple cursors, Behat support, and various new enhancements that made at the time of aforementioned post. 

Language Mixing

In PhpStorm, you could easily write all the SQL queries in your PHP code, and it can easily identify everything that you are looking to achieve. It is not always good to add dynamic values because it did not always go smooth. A multitude of yellow warnings in the right gutter annoys a lot to the person in which they can configure their editor to be very strict about the standards and code cleanliness. Entire language injection has been restored to support detecting languages within languages. 

Continue with the PHP Growth

When it comes to talk about the latest PHP 5.6, it is fully supported with a range of features, including use function, variadic functions, exponentiation, argument unpacking, constant expression and many more. There is not a single reason why you not have to update the project to the latest PHP version as with all the language features in place. 


Blade is a Laravel’s template engine that finally supported with phpStorm. We all know that the popularity of Laravela’s framework has increased while phpStorm seemed to be ignoring this framework. Now, this framework becomes the de-facto newbie framework as its template engine becomes a lot easier to use with excellent syntax highlights, auto-completion and navigation assists that ensure that newcomers stick across. 


With the latest release of Zend Server, a brand-new Z-Ray coming as lots of developers can easily come to know about the impact of their code changes, allowing them to enhance quality and solve problems before codes arrive production. Profiling as well as PHP debugging sessions can be activated from Z-Ray and Zedn Server interface in order to take action in PhpStorm. 

Behat Support Improved

Now, the support for this BDD supertool has been upgraded along with the pure intellisense for autocompletion of Behat syntax. For viewing succeeding and failing tests, you will get a full dashboard instead of just terminal output, run configurations and detailed step-by-step. Moreover, you can describe for lots of scenarios and conditions and run configuration. You can expect some powerful behat coverage on SitePoint and check-out their detail tutorial. 

So, these were some of the major features of PhpStorm 8 that you have checked-out; however, there are various other features as well that you can find here. Further, you can also get support for PHP programming solutions as you can find professional PHP developers, who have special expertise in Custom PHP web development.

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