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“Mobilizes” PHP Applications with New Zend Studio 11

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The latest New Zend Studio 11 comes up with Cloud Deployment, Eclipse PHP Support, Facilitates Web Service Development and offering ultimate debugging at the new pricing alternatives. With Zend Studio 11, one can easily create mobile application on exiting PHP apps and server back-ends.

Using the new integration with Apigility allows developers to develop, edit, document and test RPC or RESTful services by using user-friendly editor without thinking about plumbing. Apigility is one of the best open-source API builders that focuse on the business logic rather than client-server connectivity.

With visual editor, one can easily prototype the graphic user-interface of mobile applications with simple to use drag and drop actions. A simple workflow is used by the latest Zend Studio for creating iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications that leverage integrated emulators for testing native applications and deploys them to real mobile devices.

Development Productivity Increase At Great Extent

The latest optimized environment of Zend Studio that has an advanced code editor allows developers to increase productivity with code completion, intuitive code assist, real-time validation, refactorings, and analysis. Moreover, with valuable development time, developers can save new sophisticated code navigation and search functions.

Assisting Cloud Deployment

Developers can deploy PHP applications on any PHP enabled Web server with in-built cloud deployment integration, one can easily take advantage of the cloud including support for Zend Server on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM SoftLayer.

Compatible With All Frameworks and Composer

Zend Studio is a fully open environment that based on the open source Eclipse platform and supports all frameworks, including Zend Framework, Laravel and Symfony. Developers’ productivity is also enhanced by Zend Studio from fetching dependencies with learning new APIs, strong Composer support, coding and unit testing to documentation and deployment.

The Ultimate Code Debugging and Testing with Z-Ray

Developers can get in-context “X-ray” visibility with the combination of Zend Studio and Zend Server 7’s new Z-Ray into their code, queries and performance in both development and production. Moreover, Z-Ray also ties directly into source-level debugging capabilities of Zend Studio.

Leveraging the largest development ecosystem

It is surely the richest development ecosystem and the most expensive of add-ons and plug-ins are available in Zend Studio with the Eclipse platform. A very active community of users, dedicated training, and PHP code protection with Zend Guard are included in the versatile IDE.

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