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Yii Framework Development – Key Features That You Should Check-out

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Yii Framework Development Services

Today, Yii is an advanced and smart performance giving framework that is an open source, component based and object oriented PHP application framework. Especially use for web 2.0 applications, Yii has been launched in 2008. After that the framework has continued to gain huge popularity among web developers across the world.

Almost all the developers prefer this high-end framework for affordable web development. When it comes to the latest version of Yii, it supports a comprehensive range of features such as MVC or Model-View-Controller, Role based access control, DAO or Active Record, Testing, Caching, Scaffolding and more. Using this excellent framework, developers are able to develop reliable yet high-tech applications that can be deployed in record time and at competitive cost.

One of the best things about Yii framework for instant operations is that it loads only required features with an advanced cache and works seamlessly with Ajax technologies. Further, this framework is highly secure and professional that leverages the power of web 2.0 for your benefit and delivers results instantly.

The framework has received huge acknowledgment and adulation across the world of web application development as its robust features make it easily possible for developers to expand its capability. With the functionalities of this framework, the efforts of the developers have been minimized. Moreover, it is a component-based PHP framework, which overrides the market due to its preeminence in delivering affordable and time-saving web apps.

Key Features of Yii Framework:
  • To allow developers to model database in terms of objects, it offers Database Access Objects or DAO.

  • For clean separation of concerns (SoC), Model-View-Component or MVC feature

  • It also provides users an Ajax enabled widgets like datagrid, treeview to make writing in versatile interface and auto complete fields.

  • It designed exceptionally so that it works seamlessly with third-party codes.

  • It is also supporting functionality test as well as unit test.

So, these were some of the best features of Yii Framework, businesses can opt for this platform to get their desired applications and websites. Moreover, they can hire an experienced Yii developer from any trusted Yii development company.
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