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8 Reasons that Show Zend Framework Is Best Option to Choose

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Zend Framework Development
Zend Framework is one of the biggest and most popular frameworks among developers for professional PHP development. Being an object-oriented web application framework, Zend Framework is licensed under the New BSD License. Choosing this framework is best choice. Here are 8 reasons why it is so.

Modular architecture

Zend Framework allows to a very well laid out and logical approach for developing applications. This guide helps developers to down particular path when developing and designing. It is easy and clear to maintain when it is done correctly.

Follows Naming Conventions and Mature Coding

Developers can code against a standard and it is popular and well understood as they are taking much refined PEAR coding standard and make some adjustments by coding against the standards. Moreover, it is precise, mature and consistent to follow. With this, we can identify that a coding standard a professional point to have.

Helps in Development Approach

Using this framework helps you in clear and proper laid out path to development. This framework goes into FrontController plugins, class naming and to the alternative of basing the coding convention on the PEAR standard with some corrections.

Continuous development

Zend Framework is under intense and active development just like any other good software project. At the time of writing, it was up to version 1.10.1, but it rapidly approaching to next versions soon.

Easy to Maintain

One of the best points of using Zend PHP framework is it is easy to maintain. Developers must have to work with naming agreements, rules, and regulations of the framework. Thus, it helps to make the maintenance of web applications easier and is far more conventional as compare to any other proprietary applications.

Formal bug resolution process

The entire development community can able to see issues related to a resolution through the Jira bug manager. Jira is one of the finest tools that used in many companies and projects. This tool allows investigating an issue effectively and can also save time.

Available Videos and Tutorials

Developers can have a lot of videos and tutorials that taught Zend. Such videos are available from ZendCasts and various third party sources. Due to popularity of framework, number of tutorials increase to help its users.

Encourages testing

There is clear encouragement to create tests with the code through default projects created with zf(.sh|bat). Zend Framework is using PHPUnit, a professional and reliable tool whether you are using a TDD. This tool is best for building and managing the project tests.

These are 8 reasons that tell you what Zend Framework is best from rest. If you want to implement Zend Framework is your project then hire PHP Zend Developer from Perception System, a leading Zend Framework Development Company, to enjoy best solution.

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