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Yii 2.0.0 Update Released in the Market – Features That You Should Know

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Finally, Yii 2.0 is landed in the market as this new update comes after more than three years of intensive development with more than 10,000 commits by over 300 authors. The company has build high-end PHP framework by keeping the real simplicity and extensibility of Yii though adopting the top tools and technologies to make it more better.

The company is feeling extremely happy as it has achieved its goal. There are lots of features that have been updated in the Yii 2.0, so continue reading this post as here you can find some of the top highlights of most awaited release:

Highlights of Yii 2.0 Framework

Solid Foundation Classes

As like in 1.1, Yii 2.0 also supports with object properties definite through setters, getters, events, configuration and behavior. However, the new implementation of this framework is more expressive and competent.


Now, users of this framework can get more security while writing code as Yii 2.0 has built-in support to stop SQL injections, cookie tampering, CSRF attacks and XSS attacks. The best thing about this feature is that Tom Worster and Anthony Ferrara, security experts, have helped company to review and rewrite some of the security-related code.

Adopting Standards & Top Technologies

The all new Yii 2.0 is known for adopting PHP namespaces and traits, composer, PSR standards and bower. With these things, the framework becomes more refreshing and interoperable with other obtainable libraries.


As we all know that it is not easily possible to work with database, but Yii 2.0 is providing support for DB migration, database access objects (DAO), Active Record and query builder. However, the new 2.0 also enhances the performance of Active record as compare to earlier version. It also joins the syntax for querying data through query builder and Active Record.

Development Tools –

Now, users of Yii 2.0 can enjoy lots of development tools that enable developers to make their life a lot easier than before. With Yii debugger tool, users can examine the runtime internals of their application and it can be used to do performance profiling in order to look out for the performance bottlenecks in your application.

Caching –

The all new Yii 2.0 supports with different caching options from server side caching like query caching, fragment caching, to client side HTTP caching. Moreover, they are supported with different caching drivers like Memcache, databases, APC and more.

Verification and Authorization

It comes with built-in support for user authentication and authorization. It supports with various features like logout, cookie-based, login and token-based authentication, access control filter and role-based access control. Yii 2.0 has capability of the verification through external credentials providers. Moreover, it also supports OAuth1, OpenID and OAuth2 protocols.


Users of Yii framework can get sturdy support for internationalization as it is used across the world. Moreover, it also provides support for message transaction and view translation. You can also get support for locale-based plural forms and data formatting that complies to the ICU standard.

So, these were the highlights of Yii 2.0 framework that must for you to check-out. Keep visiting our blog for more information on Yii framework development service or you can also hire Yii developer to build your website.
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