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CakePHP Core Team Announced The Availability of CakePHP 3.0.0 Beta3

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Last week, CakePHP core team has declared the availability of CakePHP 3.0.0 Beta3; however, the company had not planned to launch Beta 3 as the team was not satisfied with the current ORM validation workflow, so it wanted to do some additional work. Well, the new plan of the company is to launch at least two RC releases after beta3. 

When it comes to RC releases, it will be API frozen and no new features will be added by the company. The whole team was working very hard since 3.0.0-beta 2 released, and the team was trying hard to complete the remaining changes that will break compatibility in an important way.

Since 3.0.0-beta2, Following are Breaking Changes:

  • Now, Bake templates are using a templating mechanism, which comprises pre-parsing steps of the templates. In order to enhance the readability and easiness of developing new bake templates, these changes were done. It means, if you have any custom templates, you need to be updated those.

  • LOG_ERROR and TESTS constants were unused and have been removed.

  • CakeSession::read() returns null in all failure scenarios now.

  • For inflector::slug(), the default replacement is now –instead of_.

  • Component has a new beforeFilter() event listener, which is fired before a controller’s beforeFilter method is.

  • Cake\View\Error\MissingViewException is now Cake\View\Error\MissingTemplateException in order to allow MissingView to be used for missing view classes.

  • Controller::$actions were removed and placed with controller::isAction(). With a new method, it becomes easy to customize those methods your controllers consider to be routable actions.

  • The App.www_root configuration value has been renamed to App.wwwRoot for constancy reasons.

  • To make use of the new Auth.logout event, authentication objects, which had implemented logout() need to be updated.

Let’s Have a Look on The New Features Since 3.0.0-Beta2:

  • When debug is off, Cache/Cake/EngineFileEngine now generates directories.

  • From CakePHP, various new standalone libraries extracted. The Log, Cache, Utility packages are now easily installable separately with composer.

  • Now, users can easily get facility of Database connections, loggers, cache engines, email transport as these can be configured with a Datasources Name (DSN) using the url key. It makes it simple yet effective to define configuration in environment variables which is a recommended approach by many Platform as a service providers.

  • The pj() (print json) helper method has been added as an ease while working in the interactive console or test cases.

  • Now, exceptions are raised when custom view class can’t be found.

  • Component::initialize() and View::initialize() were added.

  • Cake/ORM/Behavior::initialize() was added.

So, these are some of the new and major features of CakePHP 3.0.0-beta 3. To get more information on the features, you can click here. Moreover, if you are looking to get support for CakePHP application development project, you can hire a professional CakePHP developer, who has special expertise.
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