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September, October 2014 – Some Important PHP News Updates

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The last two months, we have seen some small and big PHP news. So, in this post, we have decided to collect some important news so you will get all updates at the single place.

Drupal 8 – beta 1

The Beta version of Drupal 8.0.0 has been released for testing and feedback. This version comes with a new standard for ease of use and delivers unlimited ways to custom and deploys your content to the web. With this Drupal 8.0.0 latest version, you can take advantage of customize data structures, pages and listings. Moreover, showing data on mobile, adapting to multilingual requirements and developing APIs is also possible. Drupal developers get advantages of some excellent features through Drupal 8 such as:
  • Built-in Web Services
  • Effortless Authoring
  • Better Markup with HTML 5
  • Accessibility Integration
  • Industry Standard Approach
  • Mobile in its DNA
  • New Configuration Management
  • Multilingual Capabilities

PHP Updates

Different things are gaining traction in the general PHP world. Among all, some of the most interesting things are:
  • Isset Ternary
We have an “isset ternary” that make us free from the code like:
$a = isset($_GET['mykey']) ? $_GET['mykey'] : ""
… and we can write that same thing like:
$a = $_GET['mykey'] ?? ""

Alternative Tag Removal

In the next version, some of the alternative tags like "ASP tags (<%) and script tags (<script language=php>) as a means of entering or leaving PHP mode” will no longer be supported. For more information about RFC.

The surprising thing is more than zero people voted no. I can’t suppose that why someone would vote no.

PHP 7 Timetable

The internals team has decided on the vague timetable for PHP and it is planned for November 2015. Let’s see whether it can hit the deadline or not. If you want to see PHP 7 timetable then visit here.

Symfony2 – DX++

For the last few months, Symfony2 has been moving down to make it more approachable for Symfony developers. The developers experience upgrade hasn’t made working with the framework, which is far more pleasing, however, also converted many skeptics to consider in the value and of the framework’s efficiency.

For e.g. with a smarter assets:install command, you will be ensure that hard-copies files rather than symlinking on systems that doesn’t support symlinks – all by default. Additionally, now developers cannot find any symlink installation problems. One can add new shortcuts to the controllers and the debug toolbar will be able to debug Ajax requests and more. If you are looking for latest release updated, then click here to find details with code demos.

You can also find an official and free Symfony2 best practices book then catch from here.

Yii 2

Finally, Yii2 is available for Yii developers. The latest version brings in the last post and has revisited the topics that list many reasons to choose Yii 2 for your next project.

There is no doubt, we have found September and October 2014 a productive month in the PHP world. If you have missed anything and want to know from us ask us through comment section. For detailed information about any PHP development service, click here.
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