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Zend, a leading PHP Company, Launched a New Version of Zend Studio With Great Functionalities

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One of the leading PHP development companies ‘Zend’ finally launched a new version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE). This all new version launched on the demand of developers for a modern IDE, an important precondition to eminent performance and quality code.

The company has included a support for Cordova and lonic to raises the Zend Studio mobile support bar. Moreover, it also raises the debugging abilities of an IDE to levels unseen before by leveraging Zend Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live.

One of the best things about this new version is it also includes support for PHP 5.6, the leading Eclipse 4 Luna development platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Zend Studio 12’s newest features authorize developers to develop quality yet effective mobile and cloud-based applications, increasing developers’ productivity and application performance in the process.

Michel Gerin, a Zend Development Tools General Manager, said “Developers know that to mobilize is to innovate. They also know that building an API-connected mobile app requires a full stack of components, platforms and servers talking with each other while developers work on the front-end business logic.” He added “This latest version of Zend Studio injects real-time visibility and added cloud and platform support, empowering even more developers to create innovative, forward-looking mobile applications.”

With this all new and latest version of Zend Studio, developers are allowed to develop mobile apps on the top of existing PHP applications and server back-ends. It also manages the behind the scenes’ development communication process – the IDE communicates with different layers of the stack while a server platform allows collaboration, reporting and debugging. In short, a sturdy framework facilitates a RESTful server-based API.

However, the application is also known for using Zend framework as well as Apigility as a foundation. For full reportability, presentation and stability, the mobile application makes use of Zend Server WebAPI. Developers are enabled to build upon the sample mobile application as a start for their own projects.

Apart from this, there are lots of other features that included in the Zend Studio 12, so have a look on the below mentioned features:

  • In this all new Zend Studio 12, the support of Z-Ray has been improved and it also provides the support for Z-Ray live! Integration for immediate visibility inside the application performance while the app development process.

  • It can be integrated with Cordova and lonic to develop and imitate mobile applications directly from within the IDE.

  • It improves AWS support for easy deployment of apps on Zend server and the Zend product stack.

  • It also supports for PHP 5.6.

  • XMLService Toolkit built-in library for IBM i developers, expanding PHP code to access IBM i resources.

  • It also provides highly productive tools like bower integration in order to manage packages successfully and it also increased UI experienced with split editor capabilities, UI experience with Dark theme and more.

So, these are the top features of Zend Studio 12 that every user can enjoy. Moreover, users can also opt for a professional Zend developer for hire and get top-notch quality Zend framework development service.
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