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Zend Revealed Zend Server 8 With Lots of New Z-Ray Capabilities

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Zend revealed Zend Server 8 with lots of new Z-Ray capabilities such as insight into various popular applications and a Z-Ray Live! Mobile and web services API debugging tool. The company unveiled its all new Zend Server 8 at ZendCon 2014.

However, Z-Ray is one such toolbar, which displays all of the details of a page request as they appear in a real time. Few months ago, the company declared the availability of Z-Ray with the Zend Server platform.

When it comes to Z-Ray technology, it exposes an application’s inner workings and login, enabling developers to review, optimize and debug their code. This all new feature is especially designed to make it easy for developers to create superior quality API-based applications.

We all know that in the month of August, Zend announced Zend Server 7 that offered a range of features like Z-Ray as an advanced cloud service on Amazon Web Services. The Zend Server AWS Marketplace cloud product not only enabling developers to creative faster, but it also make it possible to develop agile apps, which are flexible and scalable. The company announced this all new Zend Server 8 with many new features that are mentioned below:

Have a look on Zend Server 8 Features:

New Mobile-Optimized Z-Ray Live: In this new Zend Server 8, Z-Ray Live! is one of the best and brand new features, enabling developers to view the server-side execution of mobile application requests and API calls.

Expanded Z-Ray Real-time Vision: A real-time vision inside of Z-Ray, PHP requests has been expanded to comprise particular detailed data for several common apps and frameworks like WordPress, Zend Framework, Magento, Drupal, IBM i and Symfony.

URL imminent: When it comes to talk about the URL imminent, it recognizes the worst-performing pages in an application and offers Z-Ray insight into the causes.

Z-Ray Extensibility API: With Z-Ray extensibility API, developers are able to add some of the new functionalities to Z-Ray, showing the data in which they are most interested in viewing.

While discussing with the director of product marketing at Zend Technologies, Joshua Solomin explained to ProgrammableWeb that Z-Ray is not a browser extension, but is a browser-independent tool which created from Zend Server. He also added that the developers, who are looking forward to have a real-time vision inside PHP requests for applications.

Moreover, A Zend CTO and co-founder Zeev Suraski said in a press release, “Z-Ray has proved to boost development productivity by providing developers immediate access to database queries, memory usage, request execution details and more.”

However, our customers told us they now needed to get this debugging info for their mobile applications. Z-Ray Live!'s new X-Ray vision offers "as-it-happens" insight into each request coming from native mobile apps or via Web services API calls. This real-time server-side error-catching and debugging helps developers stay one step ahead in the mobile app development process”

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