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2017’s Best & Most Powerful PHP Frameworks To Make Development Easy

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Undeniably, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages that emerged as the perfect solution for web development task. Due to its huge popularity, it is installed on more than 2.1 million web servers worldwide and 244 million websites and web applications are running on it.

It was revealed that more than 8200 vacancies of PHP developers were posted in 2016 that ranked it as the 2nd most preferred language to work on, according to the Jobs Tractor.

Today, there are lots of PHP frameworks obtainable that can make development task a lot easier for businesses. Using the most powerful and best PHP frameworks, users are allowed to obey the set development standards and keep the code organized.

With lots of PHP frameworks, it is quite difficult for users to choose the right PHP framework that comes with rich features and offers incredible performance. If you are looking forward to developing web application or web development project, you can go through the list of 2017’s best and most powerful PHP frameworks:


Among all the PHP frameworks, Yii stands alone as its high performance and feature rich qualities make this framework best. The main aim of this framework is that it mainly focuses on the beautifulness of the code while doing all grunge work exceptionally behind the scenes.

Excellent Features:
  • Dominant Caching System, which instantly loads your applications wonderfully

  • Offering wonderful support for writing and running both unit tests and functionality tests

  • Comes with a built in verification support that is assisted through RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

  • It supports with message translation, date and time formatting and more.  


When it comes to choosing the most powerful PHP frameworks, Zend is well-known for its ease and its component library with high functionality. It is a highly flexible framework that enables good scope for customization. Moreover, it enlarges great tooling support and a command line client for instant app development.

Exclusive Features:
  • MVC Components

  • Web and CLI Programming

  • Documentation & Support

  • Quality & Rich Performance

  • Agile Design Methodology, focusing on providing rich quality enterprise apps

  • Immediate Online Debugging and PHP Unit Testing Tools to Help with Codes and Test Case Report.


One of the most widely used frameworks CakePHP ranks sixth among all the open source web app frameworks that enable instant and uncomplicated application development. Being the best framework, one can use CakePHP for eCommerce application development as it also provides multiple language options, customized fields and user management features.

A Comprehensive Range of Features:
  • Completely Suited for Commercial Applications

  • Securing Your App from antisocial elements through CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, form tampering protection, XSS prevention and more

  • Wonderful code generation and scaffolding features that instantly build prototype to meet all your requirements.


Today, Phalcon is the most popular web framework for PHP 5. This framework is written and implemented as a C extension. Mainly, this framework aims at developing as well as maintaining highly configurable web applications that sync right with the enterprise development guidelines. Stuffed with high-end features, Phalcon is a perfect PHP framework that makes your development task a lot easier.

Exclusive Features:
  • Easy to use ORM

  • Learning Curve is pretty easy

  • Freely coupled to allow developers to use the whole framework or selected objects

  • Direct Injection that facilitates easy-to-develop software that tests end-to-end applications.

  • Charge little operating cost as compare to other frameworks

  • Clean instinctive API with solid code written on powerful design patterns

Code Igniter:

Comes with defined collection of libraries for common tasks, Code Igniter is the best PHP framework, enabling users an easy interface that allows communication with different functional entities. Using an MVC approach, this framework offers excellent web presentation ability and a viewpoint of programming logic.

A Wide Range of Features:
  • Model-View-Controller Based System

  • Active Record Database Support

  • Security and XSS Filtering

  • Extremely Light Weight

  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms

  • Session Management

  • File Uploading Class


As compare to all other PHP frameworks, Symfony is on the third place, and it is the most actively used framework that ships with a great ORM and wonderful documentation. It is one such framework that can be easily used as a separate micro framework without you having to reinvent the wheel and installing the whole framework.

Excellent Features:
  • Allows you to develop and customize everything according to your needs

  • A 3 in 1 framework as the most sustainable, flexible and stable that is instantly adaptable to all your requirements.

  • Highly extensible upto the edge and is presented as Bundles that are projected to include functionalities to framework.

  • With its Dependency Injector and Event Dispatcher, the framework is entirely configurable.


Presently, Laravel is highly advanced PHP framework in the GitHub armory, offering promising foundation of well tested reliable code built on the top several symphony components. Using this high-end framework, it is extremely easy to code. Moreover, developers can also get access to the top plans and simply work with verification, caching, routing and sessions.

A wide range of features:
  • Intrinsic Database Version Control

  • Tranquil Routing that manages all the client/server routes and connects resources smoothly

  • Composer – a great tool, allowing users to manage your apps’ third-party packages easily.

  • A light weight Blade Templating Engine, which is powerfully driven by template legacy of files having .blade.php extension.

  • This framework comes with persuasive – an ORM, which provides a simple ActiveRecord implementation to work with your databases.

So, these are the top PHP frameworks of 2017 that make web application development task a lot easier and simpler. However, if you are facing any problem while working with any of these frameworks, you should hire a professional PHP developer from any well-known PHP development company.

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