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PHP Engine, a Facebook’s Alternative, Entices Web Service Providers

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A lot of big Internet services are burning into production Facebook’s open-source PHP runtime engine as service providers overwhelmed with the presentation metrics for the option to the ever-present open-source PHP package that used around the web.

WP Engine, a leading and professional WordPress hosting website, has got to know that Facebook Hip Hip Virtual Machine (HHVM) performs PHP commands 5.6 times faster as compare to standard interpreter.

WP Engine’s director of labs “Tomas Puig” said, “PHP, compared to HHVM, is wicked slow.” He also added, "So I saw an opportunity for us to use HHVM to drive WordPress."

Box, an Enterprise-focused cloud storage provider, is also making use of this high-end technology and highly impressed by the results. When using HHVM, an average latency dropped by a factor of three.

Joseph Marrama, a Box engineer, wrote in a blog post, “The performance gains we're seeing with HHVM exceeded all expectations.” He also added, “Almost every request that touches Box goes through our PHP codebase, so the speed increase is felt almost everywhere."

In order to speed-up the social networking service, Facebook engineers developed HHVM as it was written in the PHP web development language. A lot of programmers were flexible with the open-source languages founded by Facebook. When it comes to talk about the open-source language, it was developed in 1994 and is one of the most popular and widely accepted languages on the web.

However, PHP’s performance has left something for Facebook that was desired. Moreover, PHP itself translated the programmer code to machine code only when it is called by the user that slows presentation.

A virtual machine has been developed by the company’s engineers as like the Java Virtual Machine that may translate the code into machine-readable bytecode before running it. When the code required to be used again, a bytecode-ready version will be obtainable in the cache ready to go. Now, HHVM is powering much of Facebook with other web companies starting to use it also.

Currently, one of the largest WordPress hosted service providers for enterprises; WP Engine has gained huge popularity worldwide. An open-source WordPress CMS platform built on PHP is increasingly used for powering rich Internet apps like offering the back-end for mobile apps and cloud services.

Recently, WP Engine has developed its next-generation platform that named as Mercury. It is developed for running WordPress on HHVM. However, the company also comes to know that Mercury had a 560% faster response time compare to traditional PHP set-up. Currently, the company is testing the platform that is also running the website for web consultancy firm 10up in full production mode.

In production mode, Box already has HHVM running in order to power its core web storage application that is mainly used by more than 27 million people.

"If you've got a clean, efficient codebase, deploying HHVM will be easier. If there's more to clean up, then it could be more challenging," Marrama wrote. "Box spent several months preparing our architecture and working with the HHVM team on issues."

Box is also testing some other popular web platforms. For an example, it is converting small parts if its Web app on the JavaScript-based Node.js.

That said, "unfortunately there is no easy way to migrate our entire web application off of PHP onto another language. Given this, HHVM was a very clear best option," Marrama wrote. He noted that moving to HHVM will allow Box to, over time, migrate from Apache, which it still uses as a proxy server.
However, Puig also agreed to this that moving to HHVM needs some up-front work.

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