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PHP Programming Language – What Makes It Love and Hate By Developers?

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PHP is one of the best server-side scripting languages that used for web development. This programming language has been leveraged by the likes of Facebook and WordPress and used in 82% of websites. Somewhat, behind Java in the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language index, PHP ranks sixth in the rival Tiobe index due to its many likeable features.

Every coin has two sides. Like, PHP also has some disadvantages, according to the experienced developers. Let’s check some pros and cons of PHP through this post.

Positive Point – Easy-to-Learn and Accepted by Many Sites

PHP, a popular web development language, loads faster as it runs in its own memory space. This language is installed on many servers, including most shared hosting plans. Moreover, it is very easy-to-learn as it comes with an online documentation and up-to-date online resources.

Positive Point – Many Jobs Available for Web Developers

PHP helps to find more jobs and make money. According to some research, about 366 jobs are found related to PHP whereas Ruby has 2,973 jobs and even Objective-C has 985 jobs. One of the most frequently used programming languages; PHP is bit less trendy then some other languages like Python, Rust, Ruby, and so on.

Positive Point – PHP Continues To Develop

Modern capabilities like performance and modern frameworks, in addition to closures and namespaces are boasted by the PHP language. Additionally, it comes with some powerful and modern features that make a proper object-oriented programming model.

Available with version 7, it offers dramatic performance improvements in applications. Users will also find Facebook's enhancements for PHP that has the Hack language and the HHVM virtual machine.

Lack of focus, Complaints about Design

We find every feature in PHP is broken somehow and thus, we give it thumbs-down. We found this language is full of surprises and is inconsistent instead of being predictable and consistent. PHP is opaque by default and doesn’t have stack traces and saddled with complex weak typing "There's no clear design philosophy. Early PHP was inspired by Perl; the huge stdlib with 'out' params is from C; the OO parts are designed like C++ and Java."
  • This programming language is inconsistent, particularly argument ordering and names. "This is easily learned, though, so it's not a very big concern."

  • You will find many legacy baggages such as magic quotes, globals, and so on. "These bad practices are slowly being pruned from the language, but until they are gone, they help ignorant developers persist bad practices."

  • Moreover, PHP is not as considered as other leading programming languages that attributes to its being developed "piecemeal over a long period of time, often by committee."

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