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Top 5 PHP Tips For Web Developers to Follow

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PHP Development Tips
As we all know that PHP is the major server-side scripting language that allows developers to perform any task other than CGL. Using PHP, one can do almost anything like collecting data, send & receive cookies, generate dynamic page content and more.

However, PHP can do a lot more than that, but you have to follow some tips to get best out of it. Without wasting your more time on discussion, let’s have a look on 5 top PHP tips that web developers should follow:

Avoid Anything that Ends with _once():

We will get a warning if include() fails while require() kills the script with a fatal error when it fails. So, this is the reason include_once() and require_once() are much difficult on server resources. Developers can’t do anything to step such process as PHP works in this manner. You just need to remember that there are such things that can kill your server resources mainly on a huge framework. If you plan your code properly, you will not need anything.

If You Need, Use A Framework:

Rasmus Lerdorf, a well-known creator of PHP, says that we should not make use of a framework as it is quite slow as compare to normal PHP code no matter whether you are thinking to print a “Hello World” application, but Rasmus Lerdorf is going to develop “Hello World” application every time? But you should learn that how frameworks are functioning to keep the things as simple as possible. Moreover, you will have very less chances of writing a bad code when someone else has written the most for you.

Go with OOP:

Still if you do not given a though to the use of the realm of object oriented programming, you are at risk as you are going to fall behind very quickly. When it comes to talk about OOPS, it is a very systematic programming, which mainly uses Classes, Objects that can be tied together. Moreover, Procedural Programming is following an order from top to bottom of every single page as server reads every file.

One or two projects may instantiate with the use of OOP that in turn can instantiate a few to thousands and perform some tasks that depend on the variables passed into the objects. It is extremely easy yet simple to debug and make use of fewer resources from the server, less code and logical to work as soon as you figure out the basic principles.

Build With Error Reporting On:

While starting a new project, the first major thing you can do is to turn error reporting to E_ALL, and you should make sure that you only turn it off ten seconds before you go to production mode. All the developers are following this tip whenever they develop. And, you know there is nothing that can bit running a project in full production mode and not even getting one error. Apart from that, you can pick-up any small errors, which eventually grow up to bite.

Make Use of Post Not Get:

We all know that it is not easily possible, but when it is not useful, you do not have to use GET instead you can use POST. However, the reason of it is quite simple as Get is extremely simple to imitate, so all you need to do is add something to address bar. However, one can also hack your submission especially, so make sure to stay with POST as it is a lot safer.

Above mentioned 5 PHP tips are extremely important for web developers as they can get huge help and make their project successful. However, there are lots of businesses, who prefer to hire PHP web developer from India due to their special expertise, so you can also hire a developer and get best quality PHP Mysql programming services.
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